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11/20/2011 c12 1chaosglory626
Nice chapter. Love Shirou's Awesomeness by Analysis. I will really laugh when they start sending sword based mystic codes after him. I actually had a good idea for a mystic code earlier; it's called the Tuning Fork, looks like somebody put two rapier blades on the same hilt. It was made by a slightly loopy magus who believed that the secret to thaumatology was in music. Another arrogant mage insulted his beliefs and 3 months later had his eardrums blown clear out of his skull. If you strike the Tuning Fork with a regular tuning fork that is detachable from the base of the hilt it builds up a resonance. Swing the sword and give a little push of prana and it fires a pulse of harmonic sound. Well anyway, feel free to use that if you want. Keep up the good work.
11/20/2011 c12 3Bad Habits
You're not doing another filler arc - why not? This one's actually been a lot of fun. More fun than the set-up chapters at least and it's actually pretty interesting since it isn't a re-hash of the Holy Grail war. I admit that being completely original it's probably a lot harder to write, but it's still pretty damned awesome.
11/20/2011 c12 FateBurn
Great chapter canĀ“t wait for more, and to see if Tohsaka will move in for good at the end of the arc, also to see how pissed off the vampires will be with Shirou.
11/20/2011 c12 8JamJackEvo
In the Skyrim craze, eh? As well as Assassin's Creed no doubt.

I can't wait for the start of the actual Holy Grail War. Shirou is gonna be kicking @ss and taking names.

And what's this about Sean Connery? When I listen to those guards talk, I instantly thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm still expecting one to say something like, "Dragon! Quick! GET TO THA CHOPPA!"
11/20/2011 c12 1Master DK
aye be worshiping the log. Thanks for the story suggestion.
11/20/2011 c12 SilverBack354
Great Chapter Fang and no worries about losing time some people do have it worse.

MW3, BF3, ACR, Skyrim, Fate Extra, Skyward Sword, and not enough hours in the day.
11/20/2011 c12 5Jouaint
You are one of the best authors I have ever read period. Please keep it up.
11/20/2011 c12 Redmoon2
Very nice, especially the Shiro and Tohsaka vs Vampire battle. The battle was very epic, not on Gabriel Blessing's level, but very good nontheless. A nice team work between Shirou and Tohsaka. Shirou was very cool and awesome for his first vampire fight. Looks like Sirius is still trapped, hope he gets rescued. Also, nice use of other characters from Nasuverse instead of just limiting to just characters from the fate/stay night series. I am very curious to what noble phantasm the Louvre's son found.
11/20/2011 c12 guy
I worship the third Fang and his epicness. Awesome fight scene, I can't wait for this to heat up. You are raising the level of awesomeness!
11/20/2011 c12 1Payokumbuah
thanks for the chapter.

as expected of tohsaka, a support type mage act like she own the front line herself. Well tsundere is not my taste.

good luck and have a nice day.
11/20/2011 c12 1kidneysrgood
You missed some words in the middle of your sentences. It's really quite sloppy. And Shirou being terrified of Rin is getting annoying. But it's probably well deserved.
11/20/2011 c11 Balmung-1993
The mystic code that mentioned must be that thompson contender Kiritsugu owned, right ?

Oh yeah, Waver make a plan with rider F/Z way of thinking ? I like to see what that is.

The artifact that you mentioned, the mace ? I like to know what the power of it and the reqiurement to increase the rank.

Keep up the great work, and don't let real life diminish your AWESOMENESS!:)
11/20/2011 c10 Balmung-1993
Real life's a bitch, enough said.

I like that 'Tsundere' comment...hehehe...

by the way great chapter. :)
11/18/2011 c11 3Sajuuk
hello lol

this story is so cool and fantastic

but can you have shirou develop the emiya crest with his proper magic and finally sorcellery ?

i don t know how but i think that you can have some idea no ?
11/15/2011 c11 12Angry Santo
Bloody Love it.

I really like the way you souped up Shirou, while at the same time he retains some of his more naive traits that we all know and love.

I REALLY like the way Carnival Phantasm influenced your writing on the funnier moments. Man I LOVE that show.

Still, Saber (Arturia) having a competent Master since the beginning of the war. I do look forward to that, seeing as to she could stand toe to toe against Berserker till her lack of mana caught up to her.

Bloody loving it keep up the good work.
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