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8/20/2011 c6 Cerobus
wow. Shirou's pride really landed him in the slammer if just being an incarnation is that bad. Im really surprised he blurted that out considering how mature he usually is unless he's trying to save someone or it involves romance.

I'm also surprised that shirou hasn't started on his dual wielding style either considering that Kiritsugu should obviously know that that's the best style for him. and could've at least dropped the hint.

still can't wait to see what happenes.
8/20/2011 c6 6maximorph1
this will change the war a great deal. Hmm...question. Will Sakura keep Rider?
8/20/2011 c6 Uvi
"So anyways. I'm trying to get to around 300 reviews by chapter 10. It's a reasonable goal if a few more people bother to review every now and then…"

So... um... yeah, my review: it was good.
8/20/2011 c6 2Jman12394
Sooo funny. i can't wait for sakura and rin to meet each other again.

when the war starts can the new shiro's activation for the phansam be different. he acknolleges that he's a sword but he's certaitly different.
8/20/2011 c6 Meteor Ardbert
Rin still has the upper-hand it seems. And ironically still becomes his partner in crime. Though with Sakura coming over soon, Rin and Sakura will have some awkward moments together. I personally like the idea of them interacting sooner than in canon in a way other than kouhai and senpai.

I still can't shake the feeling that this fic is a Fix Fic though.

By the way, sicne you saw Carnival Phantasm, go on their site and vote on what should happen for Season 3. Vote on whether you want Shirou and Shiki to date their respective Main Heroines or All Heroines at once. The results will be animated for season 3. Season 2 is scheduled to be released in October I think.
8/20/2011 c6 giodan
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! very good chapter! but what will appened when rin will meet sakura at eymia home? i whonna more chapter before the war! is a good thing!
8/20/2011 c6 2Vanishing Trooper
There are few stories that I pick up simply because of what the summary stated, this is now one of them. I wished that I saw this earlier but oh well. I always love it when the narrations for relatively serious kinds of stories become snarky and it balances out the seriousness a bit.

I plan on keeping a close eye on this and I look forward to where you will be taking this.
8/20/2011 c6 anonymous
Excellent chapter! Can't want for the next one.
8/20/2011 c6 storyreaderlovespie
excellent chapter, very well written.
8/20/2011 c6 algebraiya
great chapter. Both interesting and amusing. Detailed, and Rin was certainly well written. Keep up the great work!
8/20/2011 c6 1yog
Contributing to your 300 reviews goal.

You know, if Rin in this time-line summons EMIYA, she would likely RECOGNIZE him pretty soon. His magecraft is pretty distinctive.

On another topic - are you planning for Shirou to develop UBW before the war? Judging by the rate at which he progresses he may, just, be able to deploy it in time for the war.

Returning to Rin. How will she change from interacting with Shirou? Awakening to her origin (Did Shirou or is he merely aware of it in the academic sense?) perhaps?

Also, I hope Shirou gets something on her to get from under her thumb pretty soon (like making her an accomplice in his forbidden research).
8/20/2011 c6 1EVA-Saiyajin
awesome chapter, keep up the good work!
8/20/2011 c6 dragon-cloud16
Another good if insane chapter with a Take-Moon feel. I enjoyed Shirou's and Rin's interaction, especially with them trying to one up themselves with what they are and ending with Rin forcing her friendship onto the lad. But I have one important question, WHERE THE HELL DID YOU WATCH CARNIVAL PHANTASM? I have been waiting for that for over a week and I can't find it yet. I need my Type-Moon insanity! Oh well, a good chapter and I approve the whole idea of having some chapters with Shirou going through Junior High and his training while interacting with other people. Keep up the good work.
8/20/2011 c6 EXpertUS
hmmm... having 300 within 10 chapters, I think that would be hard to accomplished unless someone will put it in TVTROPES recommendation page and let it as well to be spread to the more FSN fanatic out there... I think it's also better to advertise this to communities and forums too...
8/20/2011 c6 3Bad Habits
Taiga's sword is made of wood right? Does that mean it's the Log's Wrath Upon The Unbelievers?

Anyway, I'm much amused by the interactions between Shiro, Rin, and Taiga here. Of course I'm curious as to how you intend to develop the relationships between Shirou and the girls he knows. I'm also rather curious as to whether you'll have Sakura and Rin meet by way of Shirou before the war.
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