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8/14/2011 c5 2tragicmat1
Love the story! I am happy you aren't writing lemons though, they are just bleh. Although, for this to be a proper fate/stay night story, you gotta make some mentions of se- *cough* mana transfer ritual.
8/14/2011 c5 mercy0880
Good stuff, your setting yourself up for one hell of a story, its gunna be long and I'm definitely liking it better than your other work so far, and your only 5 chapters in. I hope your able to keep writing at this level, I noticed that some of your chapters in the your other work got a little sloppy at times. You also broke canon a lot due to new chapters coming out, but Fate is finished so just know your stuff. Sakura haters should be burned(Coming from a Saber fan-boy). If you don't like massive age differences then definitely don't touch either Leysritt or Sella, they're 2.
8/14/2011 c5 dragon-cloud16
As written by the Crimson Moon himself, Shirou had a harem in all of Fate. I know for a fact that single bit is canon, but go wild. I enjoy the fact that you go for the crazy and epic stuff over the romance, but still work it in at points. It is saddening that Kiritsugu died in this chapter, maybe have him show up in flashbacks for Shirous training or as a guiding force for him. A good chapter and I can't wait for the actual Grail War to kick off now. Know remember, don't piss of Neco-Arc and watch Carnival Phantasm before working on the new chapter.
8/14/2011 c5 2bobcat86
Go semi-harem! really awesome chapter and I'm glad that you've made it. Will Shirou still be part of the archery club?

Have a nice day!

Eric Barefoot
8/14/2011 c5 1chaosglory626
As epic as always. My poor brain is still trying to figure out what this would do to Archer. I see that you are still teasing us with that weapon in the box. I see that Zouken is here, he is exactly the kind of bastard that the Oogakari would fuck with. I hope he gets some kind of retribution later. Keep up the good work.
8/14/2011 c5 1dzk87
Meh, meeting Sakura says nothing. In the VN, he meets all the possible girls by like day 2, and he only has sex with 1-2 per storyline. Although, if you plan on following a specific route, it will be... semi-harem again. How odd.
8/14/2011 c5 1KenZe
8/14/2011 c5 3MWkillkenny84
Good chapter.

And good start of a SakuraShirou FRIENDSHIP.

For Bazett... why not pair her with Archer/EMIYA?

Vote: 10

PS: For the lulz... why not naking Saber use the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog as a Noble Phantasm?
8/14/2011 c5 8Kagaseo
Awesome chapter as ever. Kiritsugu's death was sad, and Zouken was as creepy as ever... I wonder when Shirou is going to see Shinji, and if he will befriend him or not. I mean, I doubt anyone could be friend with this little bastard...

Keep up the good work, and all hail the log!
8/14/2011 c5 Meteor Ardbert
Now that I think about it, since Shirou is now a full-fledged magus, that means he's on Rin's radar.

Well, at least he no longer is following those ideals. EMIYA however will still remain the same since he's still recorded by the Alayashiki. I mean, in one bad ending, Archer was proven wrong that killing Shirou will not fix it.

Yay Zouken. Also, have you seen the second Trailer to Fate Zero. I feel bad for Sakura being covered in a sea of crest worms.
8/13/2011 c5 fatefan
Zouken is the kind of character you just love to hate, so i hope we will see more of him. I also cant wait to see how a competent Shirou will change is relationship with Rin.

You've put in a lot of intriguing bits and pieces already. I really like how the story is developing. I can't wait for the next up date.
8/13/2011 c5 random-person-4840
You have an understanding of fate stay night's background and characters that makes me feel confident that what you write will be great.

I truly liked all routes and aspects to the game and you bring it justice with your writing.

The most intriguing part to FSN was Shirou and I love how you write not only about his self-image and his ideal, but also his quirks that make him such a loveable protagonist.

As for romance, I agree with the semi-harem thing. I love all three heroines(and Rider and Ayako and...). I can only really think that they should end up in that Ataraxia like state where everyone is happy(despite the actual validity of that world).

I pray good luck for you and eagerly what for the story that you will weave.
8/13/2011 c5 1EVA-Saiyajin
awesome chapter, very well written and detailed, keep up the good work!
8/13/2011 c5 guy
8/13/2011 c5 Raj8
I really like this story I have read it 5 times now I reread it evey chapter this is one of my favorite fate stay night story's and it is amazing.
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