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8/13/2011 c5 FateBurn
great chapter and good to see he´s starting to meet the principal player in the upcoming war, so please update again soon can´t wait to see how he meets Rin and what kind of relationship their gonna have before the war.
8/13/2011 c5 Redmoon2
First off, i'm fine with the story pairing as long as the action is good.

Its all too sad that kiritsugu died. He had a pretty difficult life. It also looks like Zouken is up to something again. Man do i hate that old fart :(

Also the visual is pretty awesome. Out of the three visual novels, I really like heaven's feel cause shirou is really cool in that route and i think the action is a bit more awesome.

i am really excited like you are about carnival phantasm. Thx for informing us readers that the first episode is coming out tomorrow.

I am also excited to see what kind of mysterious weapon your talking in the last chapter hehehe.

Anyway, good luck with your next update, i'm looking forward to it :)
8/13/2011 c5 Calpeto9

This chapter was both emotional and somehow contained hints of humor.

And pardon me for cursing, but:

8/13/2011 c5 5Kammari
great chapter and semi harem makes sense when you consider shirous distortion would make it hard for someone to calm him down alone
8/13/2011 c5 4the DragonBard
I'm hoping for the harem pairing.

Sakura, Rin, and Saber/Arturia would be perfect I think.
8/13/2011 c1 Deadzepplin
http:/7.p.s.mfcdn.net/store/manga/7650/01-001.2/compressed/ebnc_fate_stay_night_comic_battle_vol_01_ch01b.fate031.jpg I only put this here because I thought you people might like the Archer UNLIMITED KITCHEN WORKS
8/12/2011 c4 1Galthos
I like this story. (As well as your others.)

Just an idea if you want about the time circuits: use them to make his mind move faster.

If you have read The Path of the Fury by David Weber it would be similar to using Tick. Give him say three to five seconds to think and analyze for every one that passes and well with his ability...

Definitely looking forward toward more.
8/12/2011 c3 1yog
This should have been in the review for the fourth chapter, but I have already written it, and the site does not allow for more than one review per chapter.

You inspired me. You inspired me greatly with your idea of alteration. I have thought about it (and about the way for Shirou to become true Heroic Spirit, but aminly about alteration). I have written what I think is the answer to the question about where alteration, UBW, apprenticeship under Sirius, his father's help and other factors would lead Shirou.

Here is the result (whether you incorporate this in the story or not is, of course, up to you. This is just an idea):

The sword (Ex) – the ultimate creation of Emiya Shirou, this is an artifact which existence transcends that of any other inanimate object. Made using the notes that his adoptive father Emiya Kiritsugu left behind on the creation of his own conceptual weapon - origin bullets, it is by far superior to any other artifact crated by modern magi and is, in fact, infinitely close to the level of mystery that is true magic, despite being crated by the man that, at the time, could be rightfully considered a total failure in the arcane arts.

Using Shirou’s rib as a base material, The Sword was forged using the everlasting flames of the infinite manufactory that is his soul, called Unlimited Blade Works. There, the part of his body holding the origin of “the sword” and flooded to the brim with the reinforcing magic bearing the elemental nature of “the sword”, was cleansed of all imperfections and unnecessary additions polluting the cleanness of the conceptual existence that became and forever was The Sword.

The Sword is the distilled and concentrated concept realized through the application of forbidden magic that is a reality marble and anchored to the world using the body of it’s creator. Because it is the pure idea of “the sword” materialized into existence that has no other additions, it possesses several properties that are miraculous and unobtainable by any science magecraft accessible to the modern day magi. By itself and without any external forces, it is a sword that does not know the concept of breaking, shattering or dulling. It is a supreme blade able to cut through anything that can potentially be cut. This is, however, just the most basic and unimpressive of it’s properties.

Since all objects that has ever bore and that will ever bear the name of “sword” inevitably contains The Sword as the basis of their existence and all of them are encompassed by the concept of “sword” there exists a connection between them and The sword. In some way it can potentially be said that The Sword is, in fact, all swords to have ever existed and all the swords that could ever exist. This, in turn, means that The Sword contains all of their properties and history and that the bearer of The Sword could potentially access all those powers, abilities and that knowledge, if he or she studied The Sword intently enough. In most basic form this allows the replication of properties of any blade ever seen by the wielder of The Sword by the transformation of the Sword into the perfect replica of the blade in question.

The other miracle of The sword is by far more personal. Since it’s creator Emiya Shirou is himself, a Sword in both element and origin, The Sword’s existence encompasses his life. Thus, as long as The Sword exists, the being known as Shirou Emiya will exist in this world. This grants Shirou existence unlike any other, and, coupled with the creation of the artifact that cannot be considered anything else but a true miracle with the connection to the legends of all swords in existence, elevates him to the level where he can be called a Heroic Spirit.

If heroic Spirit Emiya Shirou was to be summoned into the Grail War, he would inevitably be summoned as a Saber class servant. In fact, it could be questioned, who exactly would be summoned – a human by the name of Shirou famous for the creation and use of The Sword, or The Sword itself, containing within itself the human Emiya Shirou.

The idea is that Shirou, using his rib as a base material (after perhaps finding some journals from his father) creates the sword that is in fact just the sword. Pure concept given form. This is probably achieved by the use of alteration and taking all other concepts away. Because of this it is connected in some way to all swords in existence (accessing The Root probably), including Ea, Zelrech, Slash Emperor and Emiya Shirou himself. This grants it the link to all their legends, thus allowing it to become both Noble Phantasm and a Heroic Spirit (Well, Shirou is a heroic spirit, but he is The Sword).
8/11/2011 c1 TmDigger
Brilliant. One of the best pure FSN fics I've ever seen.

One of the Ideas you should consider is Kiri letting Shirou to view his memories of battles between servants of Forth or/and Fifth Grail Wars. I would be severely disappointed in elder Emiya if he forgets such and easy way to give Shirou some NP's, especially after events of 4'th chapter.

Another thing I'd like to see is Shirou "interning" in London several years down the road, but before FGW; perhaps let him use BAR on some Powerful and Influential females without even meaning too.
8/11/2011 c4 yog
S, you gave Shriou alteration - the ability to add concepts to existing objects. Like, perhaps, adding the concept of "sword" to anything non-sword-like that he needs to copy? Thus allowing him to copy it using UBW to the near perfect level.

Also, alteration of the living objects. Altering himself to bring forth the concept of "sword" into his body, Shirou should be able to manifest his reality marble internally. What would the consequences be, I wonder.

The possibility of subtracting concepts is, however, even more horrifying when one starts to think about it. Especialy if the transplantation of the subtracted concepts (at least temporary) would be possible. Because if so, then Shirou potentially gets to fight Heroic Spirit hand-to-hand and win. By adding the concepts of noble phantasms (like Gae Bolgs causality raping) to his body. That is potentially awesome.

If he is able to master permanent alteration and get the ability to transplant concepts between objects, than his Reality Marble would grant him the path to becoming the greatest artificier to ever live. Most certainly he would become a prominent magus.

This is a great story with great potential. Write more soon.
8/11/2011 c4 8Sunder the Gold
When Rin and Shirou end up in the same high-school, she's going to realize he's a magus this time.

She never suspected Shinji was a Master because he has no Circuits and thus doesn't leak prana for her to detect. Shirou's Circuits were closed, and he was thus likewise off her radar. But now he has 27+3 active Circuits of good quality.

As the owner of the land by virtue of being the last Tohsaka, any other magus is obligated to ask Rin's permission to live in Fuyuki, or even to visit. She's not going to be happy.

The arrival of two mages, one of them a survivor of the previous War, might also catch the attention of Kotomine and Zouken. Not that either of them seem to really care what happens at the Emiya Compound, but they might have something set up.

Is Kiritsugu going to try setting up an alliance between Shirou and Tohsaka? It wouldn't take much to turn the girl against Kotomine, and Kiritsugu might even know exactly what part that man played in what happened to BOTH of her parents.
8/11/2011 c3 Sunder the Gold
Shirou, apprenticed to a craftsman of Mystic Codes?

Sir, you are a man after my own heart. I have always loved the idea of what Shirou's unique structural analysis and copying abilities could do for the field of magical crafting, after he records a number of Noble Phantasms.

I figure that, if any adventuring version of Shirou survives to be older than Archer, he'll eventually retire from fieldwork, puzzle out how to make permanent weapons "the old fashioned way" (he's the Iron-Forging Hero, afterall), and devote himself to equipping future generations of would-be heroes with the tools they need.

Kind of like Mister Ollivander, from Harry Potter, only with weapons instead of wands. You never leave Emiya's forge-vault without precisely the right weapon for you.
8/10/2011 c4 8Kagaseo
I have just finished reading this story, and I'm sure it will be as awesome as YAWALEH. Having a prepared Shirou for the great war will be awesome... I only hope he won't be completely overpowered. Gilgamesh, Kotomine and Zouken are no slouch...

I wonder: do you intend to add other people from the Nasuverse, like the Shiki and Roa? Or from Fate EXTRA?

Anyway, about HA, there is an incomplete walkthrough on youtube, and various scenes recorded on it. I don't know if it will help you, but here is the address.


Have a nice day, and all hail the log!
8/9/2011 c4 1Opicu
Excellent chapter, I do think that Avalon would protect Shirou if you inserted Kiritsugu´d crest, but I thought it was made "coping" the crest, not extracting it ...

If Shirou started projecting Avalon while Kiritsugu is still alive you can bet that he would try to heal his father ... so I suppose he only made his first successful proyection after his father death.
8/8/2011 c4 Daicha
Got me hooked
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