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8/8/2011 c4 Meteor Ardbert
I hope Archer is EMIYA. Even with Shirou changing, EMIYA is a counter guardian and will still be the same because he is directly recorded by the Akasha. So he'd still end up getting summoned by Rin.
8/8/2011 c4 mercy0880
I'd like to see Shirou paired off with someone besides the main three heroines, mainly because anything you do will simply not compare to their routes, you know its impossible. So Bazett, Rider, Karin would be good as the heroine. Particularly Bazett, she's never in anything... makes me sad. As for the servants of the war, I'd think it be cool if you mixed things up a bit. Type-Moon created a load of profiles of heroic spirits for a game they decided to not make. Some of them are weird but others are kinda cool. Even if you decide not to, I'd still take a look at them.
8/8/2011 c4 EXpertUS
hahaha... I really love what you said there in the end

"This isn't Naruto guys. Please don't start another narusaku vs naruhina variant bullshit war here."


I do think there's actually no epic ship war like NaruSaku vs NaruHina and NanoFate vs NanoYuno *shivers* in FSN... Although Sakura do have some big hatedom because of her action's in HF, I mean she did kill/corrupt the favorite characters in that route... Saber and Lancer specifically... Although HF is where I fell in love with Sakura and mostly Illyasviel...

Just so you know my fav pairing is actually the SaberXShirou the most, next by ShirouXRin, then ShirouXIllya, then ShiroXSakura, then ShirouXRider... I'm actually hoping for either of the first 3 although I far voted for Illya since I think it's only Mozco's "Chaos Theory" is the only serious pairing between the two...

well, still that's my own thoughts and you have yours, but I promise that I will read this fic 'til the end...

please update again soon!
8/8/2011 c4 giodan
well isn't too much paniful for shioru aving a magic crest? is was very paniful for rin, and she was a diret discendet!

horever well done whit the trainng! whit avalon is't a litle too soon to see avalon? i mean to see it is ok, but to recognise it?

the old MacKenzie was a nice surpraise!

well i can guess the secret wepon is kiri, gun! and the use of time controll is speed un the bullet or the arrow just like in Together with (Archer the) House-Husband: http:/finality.dasaku.net/?p=3997

or speed up/ slow donw his mind for the battle!

for the paring everthing is ok expeciliy rare paring like bazzet or luvia! i like see non-commung paring!
8/7/2011 c4 UnlimitedArcher
i know it won't happen, but i still have my fingers crossed for shirouXtaiga
8/7/2011 c4 1EVA-Saiyajin
awesome chapter, great explanations. I like the way his training is going. Keep up the good work! I eagerly await the next chapter!
8/7/2011 c4 fatefan
I'm really curious to know what use those magic circuits will be to Shirou. I agree the idea of him using Kiritsugu's power would be overkill. I'm also really impressed by how fast you updated. I really look foreword to the next chapter
8/7/2011 c4 Camo 005
Another awesome chapter. I look forward to the next chapter of this and YAWALEH. I wonder if Shirou will be able to figure out that Illya is Kiritsugu's daughter after she introduces herself the first time.

Ps: Naruhina is totally superior to NaruSaku
8/7/2011 c4 guy
wow. impressive.
8/7/2011 c4 Raj8
I really love this story as it is so far I personaly prefer the saber/shirou pairing but if you pair him up someone else I will still read as this is an amazing story.
8/7/2011 c4 sh8ad8ow
great chapter can´t wait for the next one please continue soon I want see with who and how characters this "new" Shirou interact with.
8/7/2011 c4 2Jman12394
time dude you just ubered shirou because if he acsess to 'time' then he can recall and rebuild thing alot easier.

scary thought, mix together caliburn's choice with excaliber's penatration, thats an unstopable mix
8/7/2011 c4 3AngelForm
Magical development, yay.

So is Avalon ‘active’? IIRC it needs its rightful owner around to work properly.

One thing, please, please don’t get into the wall-banger concept of ‘uses per day’. Everything he does comes from the same source, so if he does loads of tracing he won’t be able to call up Avalon at all. By the same token if he uses his reserves for nothing else he will be able to use Avalon for a much longer period/repeatedly.

Nice little pet the dog moment for Waver.
8/7/2011 c4 dragon-cloud16
A good chapter and great idea about Kiritsugu's magic circuits keeping him alive. For the pairing remember, Fate and pretty much every Nasuverse is a harem in the end. Its some unwritten rule for any of them. So go wild with the pairing for all I care. Its good to see this out so soon and I can't wait for the next chapter. And good points about Avalon, especially with all reasons for Shirou having access to it so early. I can't wait to see Shirou's weapon along with his reality marble being useable to a degree in time for the war itself. Keep up the good work and please focus on this until Han shows up in the Naruto manga so we know what he can do.
8/7/2011 c4 1chaosglory626
One of those lovely coincidences, my brother was reading Hill of Swords and was becoming a fan of badass Shirou, so I was telling him that after that he could read In Flight and then this story. I figured that by the time he finishes those two this story will be at least 100k words at the rate you are going. And for pairings, I am kind of expecting you to make some crazy amalgamation of all the routes and have a small harem. But I don't read stuff for the pairings, I'm reading this for the epicness. The two epic things I am most psyched for are Shirou's weapon, and Archer. I have some high expectations for Shirou's weapon, maybe something like Cloud's sword from FFVII only scaled down to normal sword size, though what you have in mind is probably just as awesome. I don't even know what to expect from Archer. If it is still future Shirou he could be even more badass than the original, which would be slightly insane, though he would be nicer as your Shirou starts off as a more pragmatic idealist. This one fic I read had Archer with a personality that was like a mix between Ghost and Kamina. Ya, think about that combo for a second. Though it might not be Shirou at all. With a change in circumstances it could be any famous archer. I have no idea what will happen, all I know is that it is going to be epic! Keep up the good work.
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