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10/1/2011 c8 8Kagaseo
Excellent chapter, as ever. I wonder what are the new antagonists, but I have the feeling some dead apostles are going to show up...

Also, nice job with Rin. A tsundere she indeed is...
10/1/2011 c8 Calpeto9
This was pretty interesting; not as exciting as your other chapters though of course, but a good chapter nonetheless.
9/30/2011 c7 1Kreyn
Good I was already missing Waver and Sirius. G0 AHEAD AND GET THIS CHAOS OUT YOUR BEING.

Finally we have THE Black bow on our hands, by the way does it have any specific name?

For now it looks as earlier relationship of Shioru and Rin gives more benefits to the latter.

I hope you somehow manage to get Bazzet in next chapter (but no pressure) I am interested in what Shirou learns and get out of her lessons, but that's probably same for everyone here especially the latter.
9/29/2011 c6 Kreyn
I guess Shirou should be more careful of other magi but hell it seems that Kiritsugu and two of Shirou's teachers didn't really told him how to react on other mages. His structural grasp becomes more useful ability by the day. But why Shirou didn't realize Rin is magus until smelled he jewel shouldn't he be exceptional at sensing magical energy? If so then shouldn't he be one that sense her presence first? Well I thought that this Shirou will be capable of handling Toshaka better but I guess just like always this tsundere is just unbreakable:) and story from begging to the end keeps being interesting.
9/29/2011 c5 Kreyn
I guess it's hard to work out how to make Kiritsugu try affect Shirou so he won't become as tragic as him in way that still preserves Shirou that we know and love. But few things from my point of view although Kiritsugu and Shirou got along great they weren't too affectionate. The way Shirou reacted is a little overkill in my opinion (a tiny bit actually) And way Kiritsugu got read of bullies was BIG overkill in my opinion I mean flaunting killer intention on group of kids that won;t dare to stand up to adult?

And why do you cut off Bazzet so easily from potential pairings? Such great good-natured woman. because of age difference? Saber was at least two times older than him and no one complained. I understand cutting of Taiga though. Idea of semi harem? What does that mean? Well in case of Shrou I am all for harems (GAR and BAR are unstoppable)
9/29/2011 c4 Kreyn
Small operation for Shirou and bit of reminiscence for Velvet. One teacher still getting giddy on thought of capabilities of student and other having pleasure of teasing him. Reinforcing plants as training is logical and practical did you thought it out it yourself?
9/29/2011 c3 Kreyn
Welvet woke up today only to experience nightmare

Gilgamesh is ALIVE.

More shocking things mages learn that true Hero material is among living in addition an potential Reality Marble user. Sirius is becoming giddy on mere thought of it.

It seems that future of Shirou's Thaumartugical education becomes more and more promising and colourful.
9/29/2011 c2 Kreyn
Kiritsugu takes to heart Shirou's education, that's interesting development. Shirou will have more of his potential released.

And breakfast gag was wonderful truly moment of understanding between father and son.
9/29/2011 c1 Kreyn
Interesting beginning Kiritsugu will have his involvement in fifth HGW what kind of plans this new secret schemer from beyond the grave will have?
9/28/2011 c7 neko-hikage-chan
Things are heating up, anyways grate fic! keep up the good work.
9/25/2011 c7 4Jarm957
Tis a bloody good story ya got here, I look foward to the next chapter
9/25/2011 c7 1Morality0duality
Is this Shirou the One that becomes ARcher? Cause he's just walking all into his shit. Also badass. Wait a sec. Is Rin gonna have Jewel with Three or More A ranked spells in them. Also very well written. I enjoyed the foreshadowing. I like Sirius and waver in this.
9/24/2011 c7 42Fantasy-Magician
This is one of the most amazing fate fic I found! I don't really care about pairing though~ I hope to see a grail war with cooler and stronger version of Shirou! I also wonder how Archer will react with this past self of his ^^
9/23/2011 c7 4Farmer Kyle
Well, I've liked this since the first chapter, but I haven't reviewed until now because I wanted to keep reading. Personally I think you've made this into quite the story and I like all the changes. I'm interested in your use of the literal translation of the UBW aria though. My only suggestion for if you continue to use it is that you fix up the grammar of it a bit so it reads well. I hope to see your next update soon!

Good Luck in Life and Writing!
9/23/2011 c7 Xoroth
A most excellent chapter. I look forward to the next one.
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