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10/2/2011 c8 1Kreyn

At pace you're keeping you may reach even more than 350 reviews when you put 10th chapter her.

And at pace Shirou is keeping he'll in very decent state before HGW starts. There's not much of direct interaction between Bazzet and Shirou but if simply don't know that much about her then it be helped, I hope you'll learn a bit about her and show her in future (as always no pressure here).

I also don't know much about "Fate Official Resident Fist-fighter" but hear often that she has heart of gold... and maybe that she is a bit naive.

I don't need to tell anyone what kind disposition Shirou has, but as they say "similar feathers flock together" (maybe it was somewhat different English isn't my native language).

I see that you decided to give Shirou more research-type education making him a weeny tiny bit closer to typical magi... maybe I am wrong but interesting development nonetheless.

When Shirou learned what kind of magic Kiritsugu wielded and it's after-effects I couldn't help but feel that if he felt that he needed to he would use it... without batting an eyelash.

It seems that Shirou cruel without realizing. Well its hard for me to say that Rin didn't earn that one... say are you planning to get Rin not talk to Shirou until HGW after that incident in order to hide his progress from her? Or at least until that Vampire incident.

I am giddy to know that you decide to give Shirou a bit of experience with non-humans, before HGW comes in he may understand just how outclassed humans may be in face of creatures with magical origins. I also think that it would be waste if for all that training HGW may not give enough action, end too quickly and not give Shirou enough occasions to use his hard-earned skills to their fullest potential.

"And thus Fuyuki City would experience such an event born from a man's dreams" - Is it somewhat related to Tatari?
10/2/2011 c8 orangescythe
Great Chapter really enjoyed it but isnt it time for sakura to appear again
10/2/2011 c8 BIueMidnight
I'm very interested to see what you come up with for the pre-war storyline; the scenes with Bazett were somewhat rushed and stilted, but I know very little about Bazett's xharacter anyway (so I don't blame you in the least for trouble writing her, I've yet to see somebody pull it off), to be honest I was a little disappointed at the overall lack of character development in this chapter, but I am happy that you set some interesting groundwork that might come into play later. Overall it wasn't a great chapter, but it was still a good one, don't worry about it too much.
10/2/2011 c8 urfan
lol, yeah fragarach plus avalon = super ultimate win combo.

enuma elish - fragarached

excalibur- fragarached

effing ANYTHING - fragarached

and all done in the safety of the uber shield.

Still, I am looking forward to the next arc. I can see Bazett being called in to deal with vampire problem, and also, since she has a connection to Kirei there's room for some interesting cross-Rin interactions.
10/2/2011 c8 2tragicmat1
I think you are still writing too much "training" scenes into this story. But I'm glad you managed to wrap up the England part, especially when you didn't really have anything plan for it besides buffing up Shirou's magic knowledge. I also agree that no Fragarach should be a good thing. I mean, a spammable super counter weapon? That's just gg :P But, unlike last chapter, it doesn't seem like you are foreshadowing too much more training scenes so hopefully the story will start to pick up a bit. Thanks for update! (The Rin +Shirou interaction was great by the way. Now you just need Rin to take revenge in their next conversation :P)
10/1/2011 c8 3DarkStrings
so...tsukihime happened...but none of the main characters appear. roa as a villain is killed. so is SHIKI. akiha as a villain is either redeemed or killed. hisui and kohaku are rather open though. another possible character is satsuki...TATARI possibly? or maybe Rizo from kagetsu tohya. or...Louvre? Nero Chaos' sucessor? oh the joys of a multiverse. T_T i had my fingers crossed for Shiki Ryougi lol.

as to the writing, superb as ever, and the characters seem to be right for ages and experiences.
10/1/2011 c8 6Dimensionist
Unbelievable? He just needs to look at Fragarach once for it to be permanently stored in his memory!

I get that you probably don't want to give it to him for balance reasons (which I always despise), but there's nothing unbelievable, or even unlikely, about him possessing the blueprint of Fragarach in his mind.

To be honest, considering the ease with which he could trace Noble Phantasms in canon to the point of even copying his opponent's skills ... I see no reason why he should have any problem tracing NPs after taking dedicated training for several years, and being trained by several masters.

Still, it's a good story, and I'll keep following it. Although ... could you stop calling him 'faker'? That's a title Gilgamesh foisted on him, and right now, he's not even truly capable of the ability that had Gil calling him that in canon.

Plus, reading the 'faker' constantly is annoying.
10/1/2011 c8 Techlology
Here's to hoping that Bazett plays a fairly major role in the HGW.

/toasts with a cup of popcorn.
10/1/2011 c8 48reality deviant

cant wait for the next chapter
10/1/2011 c8 Redmoon2
Bravo Bravo! Nicely done, you did pretty good with Bazett's character. You also did very well explaining the type of training shirou went through in England. You also did a great job with Shirou's growth as a magus as he slowly gets better and better at his specialty.
10/1/2011 c8 EXpertUS
I was glad that you've updated but there's just too much technical stuff in here and its importance is low priority... though I do like Bazette and Shirou's spar... wahaha, I definitely can say that its almost like what Ghost is doing with Naruto in 'YAWELH'...

as for Rin and Shirou relationship in the end... It was such a cute quarrel... waahh... update soon please...
10/1/2011 c8 hidingunderyourbed
sacchin's not gonna be wandering off to fuyuki, would she?
10/1/2011 c8 4Farmer Kyle
I liked this chapter. Not so much the gloss over of England but the part with Shirou and Rin. That was great. I'll be interested how this second arc comes along.

Good Luck with Life and Writing!

Farmer Kyle
10/1/2011 c8 Raj8
an awesome chapter as always I love it I cant wait to see the holy grail war.
10/1/2011 c8 6maximorph1
because of the ending of this chapter, I have to ask. Is Luvia going to be coming? That is what comes to mind when I read the end
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