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7/10 c64 Guest
I'm glad to see you back in action, this project of yours has been on going for what feels like a decade if not more now. I hope you can find some closure when it eventually ends.
7/10 c64 Zero
This is like one piece.
Its hella long but when its coming into a end all of us start crying.
7/10 c64 Guest
I honestly don't know how anybody can even enjoy this trash. This Shirou stopped being Shirou after the first few chapters, now he's just the author's edgy self-insert mary sue. Honestly that's all ThirdFang seems to be capable of writing. It's the same for all of his other fics too, Naruto isn't even remotely recognizable in any of his Naruto fics.

If you need your daily dose of guilty pleasure wish-fulfillment that badly, go watch SAO and imagine you're Kirito or something. Yeah SAO is trash, but reading about this complete bastardization of Shirou is somehow even worse.
7/10 c64 Zistonian Battle Sign
What might be more satisfying is popping those packing air bags.
7/10 c64 Erwing Alberto Hernandez Rodriguez
me encanta esta historia
sigue así
7/10 c64 YoungTaoist
Loved the update! And don't worry man, life hits hard and just keeps hitting harder. But eventually, you'll SEE THE SHORE OF UTOPIA. Or whatever people say these days, I don't know. Hope you and your family remain well during these unstable days, enjoy your vacation, and see you in your next update!
7/10 c64 Locke1998
I applaud you ThirdFang for designing your crew of antagonists. An eldritch abomination, a faux affably evil fool, TWO fighting narcissists, a jealous, stupid traitor and then there's Merem. I don't know what category he would fall under as I still can't work out what his full goal is. But you've got quite a cast here and they are pushing Shirou to his limit. He's a bow pulled to it's breaking point. Whether he snaps or let's that arrow fly, it's gonna be one hell of a ride.
7/10 c64 formerlyarandomreviewer
Ooooooh. Does she have the huge bubblewrap that if you pop it right sounds like gunshot going off? That's some stress relief right there.
7/10 c64 1unseenw0lf
premium work as always. hyped for the next chapter. Wonder how Shirou will deal with Fina.
7/10 c64 3coronadomontes
7/10 c64 PanzerJ
Bubble wrap is stupidly satisfying. The gang was smart to give her all that bubble wrap.
7/10 c64 Mernom
I just realized what was bothering me about Tracing for the longest time now... Is Shirou creating the weapons fully charged? Is he 'buying more money?'
7/10 c64 Guest
Welp, I knew it would end eventually, but only 15 left? I don't know how manage to finalize everything with that amount... Then again, it almost 23,5% of currently released chapters and you didn't disappoint before... meh, I sure you know what you are doing. Anyway, thanks for the update! I missed this story
7/10 c64 29HelenTheMoon
...I'm starting to think that Shirou is your self insert for venting all your frustrations to the world without outright venting all your frustrations to the world. Which- valid.
7/10 c64 narutodarkfan
Ayy. Glad to hear that you're doing alright. It's a rough time for investments yeah. Hope things improve soon. Looking forward to the proper showdown with Fina. Thanks for the amazing chapter :)
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