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7/26/2011 c2 RoninGrey
Sweet Log man, first you get me set into watching the anime (only about 5 episodes in, but meh), then I find out that Phantasy Star Portable 2 actually has passwords that grant you not only Kansho & Bakuya, but Excalibur, as well as Archer & Saber's uniforms so I actually bought a frakkin PSP and the game for them... Ice element is dumb though.

Anyways, good job man, same quality I'd come to expect after reading through Yet Again twice (in need of long epic stories that don't involve Naruto losing a certain part of his anatomy, or just allowing Uke's to be lodged inside him). Look forward to reading more as I go through the series itself.
7/26/2011 c2 Calpeto9
This is good storytelling.

I like how you lay the foundations for change right before the series officially start.
7/26/2011 c2 48reality deviant
very interesting story

cant wait to read the next chapter

and i realy hope shirou wont be too ooc later.

is kiritsugu's presence known th the magus guardian of the town (tosaka)?

if not will it change?

will he introduce other magi to shirou?

and maybe some info about shirou's bilogical perents?
7/26/2011 c2 1Master DK
all hail log and giving the hero a realistic fighting chance !
7/26/2011 c2 15NorthSouthGorem
I haven't quite read the actual F/Sn series, but I know the gist of it. I'm really looking forward to all the other stuff you have planned, even the pre-war stuff. And I believe you about the secret weapon; my jaw will probably dislocate when you finally reveal it.
7/26/2011 c1 1Master DK
Thanks to you i have found new anime that i love

keep it up look forward to update as always
7/26/2011 c2 mbshadow
All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!All hale the log!
7/26/2011 c2 guy
can't wait to read about the epic weapon. update soon!
7/26/2011 c2 1chaosglory626
I for one am surprised that you only had a dozen reviews. You'd think that after reading Yet Again people would realize what a kick ass author you are and put you on alert just incase you make another epic story. Luckily I did just that and luckily you did just that. I can totally tell you read Hill of Swords and you thought the same thing as everyone else who read that story, "Man his Shirou is such a badass!" And then you followed up that thought with, "What if he was that badass for the whole war?" So now here we are with you using your great writing skills to make that thought come to life.
7/26/2011 c1 theshadowswill
i look foreword to more
7/25/2011 c1 1KenZe
Pure genius ... a work of art that could rival any novel story! i am looking forward to see how this fic goes... so keep it up, Third Fang
7/24/2011 c1 42hitchhiker
Please update soon. I really want to see what would come of this story. The idea of a Fate/Stay Nights story with Shirou being properly prepared is underused. Will Shirou get the Emiya Crest? Will he realize that Shirou's origin is swords due to Avalon and he has a Reality Marble?
7/23/2011 c1 dragon-cloud16
You deserve a round of applause for this. A real reason for Shirou to change and improve before the war while incorporating his badass father. I can't wait to see what you'll do with Kiritsugu before his death from the tainted Grail curse. And how will Shirou improve when it comes to his magecraft and fighting from his new lessons. Keep it like Type-Moon wrote Fate/Stay Night, with some light moments as well please. And get the next chapter out soon. And praise this for giving us lowly peasants a taste of Kiritsugu before Fate/Zero comes out along with Carnival Phantasm.

I have one question though, will any other characters from Type-Moon like Arcuied show up? And how will these changes affect Archer's development into a hero? I can't wait to get to the war itself now. Curse you and your addictive writing!
7/23/2011 c1 4Druss the Legend
making Shirou more badass... whatever you are smoking, please share! :)

man, this is one story i am definitely keeping an eye on...
7/23/2011 c1 giodan
well is a very good start! well done! Kiritsugu is a hard Character but you do him well! good job! wait... how come the Characters from F/Z will apear? well uniles they will be just in the mind of Kiritsugu... or what helse?
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