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for Deranged and Wrong

12/10/2022 c22 Guest
Loved this !I guess it’s stupid to hope for another chapter tho, so won’t bother.
9/15/2022 c22 BMS
A fun story.
Too bad it wasn't finished.
9/15/2022 c9 BMS
Every time Harry and Bella watch a movie it puts me in mind of an episode of Mystery Science 3000.
5/29/2021 c22 Guest
Please add more chapter, this fic is fantastic
2/18/2021 c22 1Signal Lost
1/15/2021 c12 alefrosier
Ótimo capítulo, gosta dessa dinâmica deles, o romance meio distorcido, mas empolgante, eles tem química. E Eu Amei
11/12/2020 c22 Winterfall2021
Please update soon
8/23/2020 c22 Bushy26
Such a great story, seems a shame to leave it unfinished.
2/13/2020 c6 Axccel
Someone who decides to pretend something negative about you is true and treats denial as just trying to make excuses is not someone to call a friend.
2/13/2020 c5 Axccel
Nice date. A palace and castle are not comparable and the palace is luxurious whereas Hogwarts’s descriptions all imply a much more minimalist aesthetic decorated with paintings and suits of armor.

Checking someone out is not perverted.
12/8/2019 c1 NazgulBelserion
Decent story but the whole back and forth shit was getting irritating I literally found myself yelling JUST FUCK ALREADY lol
7/23/2019 c22 Magzillasaurus
I waited ages to start this, hoping you’d come back and complete it but I could no longer resist. It’s brilliant and I *really* hope you finish it!
7/23/2019 c22 Guest
Can you continue this story? Pleaseee
6/28/2019 c11 12Banshee-024
ginny pulling a ring... ok that was terrifying for Harry lol
5/27/2019 c1 ThePhenoix11
The concept is interesting but it's a stretch. This is after she killed not only harrys God father, basically an uncle and his wife. And tortured murdered and did who knows what else for a megalomaniac. It honestly would have fit better with less of a giant block if most of her insanity was due to something like an over powered imperus or something to that effect considering she was a powerful witch. But in this state it just has one to many things to have to suspend to believe. Harry did try to use an unforgivable on her after she killed pad foot..
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