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for WJATO: The Queen's Hero

7/24/2011 c2 Charming Cacophony
DUN DUN DAHHH cliffhangers how I love/hate them. Well it's still interesting and your writing is staying consistent. :) I can't really think of much advice except maybe make some of Alex and Airianna's flaws stand out some more? I didn't do that enough with Shane and her being called aary Sue bugged me so I had to fix it later on and I home you don't make the same mistake I did XD interesting, I wonder how it will work considering Hera is supposed to be one of the maiden goddesses. Yay for fast update :D
7/24/2011 c1 Charming Cacophony
I really like it so far :) not really much to critisize except maybe a tad more detail? I mean, I don't even know what Alex looks like yet XD but good style, can't wait to see Shane :D

hope you update faster than I do~

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