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5/24 c40 Guest
I don't know enough details but sometime during the 1950's model/actress "Irish" McCalla starred in a single season of Sheena. She was tall and statuesque. Maybe she could have played Wonder Woman? To be honest I don't know how much acting talent she actually had. Sheena was basically a female version of Tarzan. With a wig or hair dye and a high quality WW uniform she definitely would have LOOKED the part. Just imagine the crossover episode potential between "Irish" and George Reeves! Oh, the lost oppurtunities!
5/24 c33 Guest
This the second time that I'm reading this story. Despite all of the grammatical errors noted previously, it remains a very imaginative and gripping story! If it was combined with the original story it would make an amazing series of tv movies for HBO Max! Realistically SM would still need that 100 year Superhero Boot Camp plus intensive psychotherapy to help him deal with the self-induced guilt. Whether he realizes it or not he would still outlive all of his human friends as well as Lois. He also needs to learn "Mental Toughness." Actually, most of us do as well. SM also needs to learn healthy ways to deal with PTSD. A person can be physically and mentally strong while also being loving and compassionate.
2/26 c40 Phazer12
Ahh, I remembered this fic and came back. Just for this emotional throwback of its superman.
6/14/2022 c11 darqis
The hurt and angst is getting boring. Not looking to be a Ahole. Your story reads well. Just same chapter after chapter.
5/2/2021 c1 Guest
This is one hell of a story! Great job. I hope you return for more stories.
1/31/2021 c1 Eldersprig
I remember reading the comic this is based on and thinking that you know who looked an awful lot like Lee Majors.
8/24/2020 c11 Guest
This is by far one of the most compelling stories i have ever read...simply amazing!
I hope you return to do some more stories on them...Your writing style is absolutely immersive
5/14/2020 c40 Guest
Beautiful. I really enjoyed this story. Your writing is so immersive. Thank you.
3/29/2020 c40 Guest
You have a very great many misspellings and quite a few grammar errors. - - This is an extremely compelling story. You have a man whose life and world are totally destroyed. We see him deliberately choose to wallow at the bottom of society, completely soaked in cheap alcohol. He is self-destructive but it is in a passive manner. Well, I can't recapitulate the entire story here. This story has gone beyond "NC-17" category and is in the single "X" one instead. It has brutality that is cruel and other times casual. Raw sex. Romantic love. With careful editing this would make a FANTASTIC series of weekly tv movies on a streaming service. I would NOT want anyone to tone down the rating. I would strongly prefer no commercials (2 hours, remember?). I would want each movie-chapter to be an appropriate emotional rollercoaster, just as these have been. I think that a film version might have to be longer than 40 "chapters" in order to capture this story's full impact.
3/29/2020 c38 Guest
There's absolutely nowhere on, or off, Earth that Simone can use as a hiding place. If no one else will, Hippolyta will be overjoyed to relieve her of the weight of her head. Slowly.
3/29/2020 c33 Guest
Idle thought: How about if Kal had a 100 year "super hero boot camp" on Themyscira? He would be so much better prepared for the next "go round."
3/29/2020 c32 Guest
Sally Hemmings was the personal slave of her HALF-SISTER! Depending on the source of information, Sally was somewhere between one-quarter to no more than half-black. Sally's half-sister became the wife of...Thomas Jefferson. Yes, THAT Thomas Jefferson. Someone will have to research this but there is a possibility that Mrs. Jefferson might not have known that Sally was her sister. Even the greatest of heroes can have feet of clay. Some Medal of Honor winners, not all, suffered a lifetime of PTSD. Kal is facing an incredibly extreme crisis of confidence. Unlike the majority of the other heroes, he didn't have any special training. Now he needs lots of counseling to restore his faith in himself as well as a "super-hero boot camp." Before, he learned how to be a hero little-by-little. He also made mistakes. Kal needs to relearn all of the lessons all over again, but he can't be sent out before he's ready.
3/29/2020 c28 Guest
You've mentioned the song "Strange Fruit" before. Do you really, truly what that song is referring to? I do.
3/27/2020 c11 Guest
Mar 2020-Are there still any functioning Blackberries out there? Are they still being made? Or have they gone the way of the brick cell phone? So much has changed in just 9 years. People have changed. The world has changed. Wars have been fought and are now on the back burner, waiting... We are facing a worldwide pandemic (COVID-19 the Corona virus if there is anyone left to read this 10 years from now).
10/12/2019 c28 ladysadenfat
The story is interesting, so are the original characters. It's well written in spite of the sprinkle of typos but I have to say, Clark and Diana are so out of character and so annoying and childish, nothing like you'd expect from them. I was hoping for a Superman/Wonder Woman story but I have no idea who these two people are. That aside, you're good and the story is interesting and fanfiction is supposed to be about doing what you want. I'm torn between continuing just to know how it ends and stopping because Clark and Diana irritate me. So I think that's props to you. I made it up to 28 whilst being very annoyed by them, lol. Mad props.
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