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for Unwanted Attention

1/8/2019 c6 Guest
Enjoyed reading this.
9/1/2018 c5 15Vanessa Masters
nothing like a little plotting to bring people together.
9/1/2018 c4 Vanessa Masters
Well, that's a way to sneak into a camp.
9/1/2018 c3 Vanessa Masters
LOL Vulpes, crossing his legs at the hot coffee bit.


"Well, I see your feeling better" XD
9/1/2018 c2 Vanessa Masters
Well, Vulpes took a turn, and saved her from that freaky Atonious.
9/1/2018 c1 Vanessa Masters
Very interesting story, but I like it :D
3/11/2012 c6 1Atlas Grimm

I was wondering if your going to keep updating "Unwanted attention"

at all?

~Ciao Atlas
11/27/2011 c6 2WesternFish
I really liked this story; it had humor, action, and romance! You blended it all together so casually its wonderful. I especially love the ending, showing the perspective of the all characters from your story! My favorite, though, was the re-personafication of the canon robots; it makes me feel like we should have been giving the option to keep the robots' presonalities in-game!
9/9/2011 c5 3Kitkatinahat
All men do smell the same under the hot sun.
9/4/2011 c4 Kitkatinahat
Squishy, it's a technical term. Also this seems interesting, I await further updates.
9/3/2011 c4 6El loco uno
This is oddly adorable. I shall await your timely updates =)
9/3/2011 c4 2The Japanese Wonder
Lanius staring at a recruit in amazement is a very amusing mental image. Keep it up!
8/28/2011 c3 1Kermit's Cousin
Continue? More? Please?
8/26/2011 c2 85Kal-El Fornia
Was the last line a Jesus reference?
8/26/2011 c1 Kal-El Fornia
I so admire the Legion, and I admire this first chapter as well. It's always nice to see Vulpes Inculta in work. At first I thought this was Vic Medic's fic from the description of it.

Ave, True to Caesar
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