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5/26/2019 c20 Armiture
An interesting end to a twisty tale.

The borg mice I pictured in my mind were hilarious (I've watched too much Robot Chicken) but being turned into ordinary white lab mice was a fitting punishment.
5/26/2019 c10 Armiture
Is this the same planet that Picard, Wesley, and the "shuttle captain" ended up on?
5/25/2019 c8 Armiture
The resemblance between the Actavacron and Gary Seven's computer reminds me of the triangular struts that kept showing up in the background of various Next Generation episodes. It showed up on my AOL news feed back in the 90's, it's probably in a wiki article nowadays.
2/8/2017 c20 Guest
2/8/2017 c12 Guest
crackers but good
1/18/2013 c20 1stormguard
That was a great read Susan totaly diffrent but fun at the same time
8/7/2012 c20 2auroraTerra
Ive been this story for quite some time. Now that I finally read the last chapter I have to say im very impressed. You do have a great talent for writing stories, this is definetly one of hte best ive seen on here so far!
6/25/2012 c20 28Foxcat93
All of the threads of the story seem to be pulled together now. Roberta had made a clone of herself, and unseen, boards the Borg ship in time to see the Borg crew morph into mice! (That was pretty funny!) This was explained later as a joint venture of the Q, Chrlie Evans and the Trasians. Cochran is brought back to Alpha Centauri, the Borg ship disappears from the Enterprise viewscreen, as everyone's memory was erased aout that incident.

It was also a funny picture thinking of Isis going after the Borg mice! Then poor Mr Fischer, victim of transporter psychosis, was visited in his cell at the asylum andgiven a dose of the new medicine which cured him!

So all ended well for the crew and others in this episode int he lives of the Enterprise crew and the others whose lives were entangled with them!

Great ending to this story! Good work!
6/10/2012 c20 5LADYMALLARD
Great work on this ending chapter, to a truly imaginative and exciting fun to read story. I'm glad All's well that ends well! I loved that the Borg and their queen were transformed into mice by Charlie Evens and that Gary seven and Mr. Fisher were rescued from their respective dangerous situations by the Q, Scarlett using her power to make a duplicate of her self and the Q erasing the memories of the Enterprise crew concerning Roberta being there on the Enterprise, were very clever plot twists. Nice job all around on your story, I eagerly await your next story...till next time.
6/8/2012 c1 MissyH316
"How could they possibly accept that obnoxious, horse-faced, womanizing twit as the real Mr. Cochran?" LOL!

Sounds to me like if Cochran is the one portrayed in the movie, that's a pretty accurate description, whereas the one in the tv series was much nicer and VERY handsome, if I remember correctly.

This first chapter is great in how it sets up what's to come afterwards, plus it involves so many different aspects from different Star Trek universes (i.e., the original series, the nextgen, the movies, etc.) I may have to go back and bone up on some of the characters here before I read further, but anytime The Borg is involved, you know it's gonna be a potentially dangerous situation. Sounds exciting!
5/20/2012 c19 LADYMALLARD
This was quite an interesting chapter, with Roberta safe aboard the Enterprise, but communicating with a captured Gary Seven during her sedative induced nap. Let us hope, she can complete her mission and get back to the twentieth century in time to save Mr. Seven and Scarlet from the Borg and keep the locations of all the MIB bases secret...I did get a kick out of the poppy field from Wizard of Oz, as meeting place considering her drug induced nap. It's a good metaphor and the conversation concerning Mars and Venus was clever, as to the absents of life on ether planet, which was discovered long after the era Roberta came from. Great work on your latest chapter, I look forward to the next one eagerly, to find out what will happen...till next time.
5/19/2012 c19 28Foxcat93
Poor Mr Fisher, integrated now, but still not rid of his paranoia, will be committed to the mental facility on Elba Two. Meanwhile Miss Lincoln (referred to by Chaptain Kirk as Little Miss Muffett ... I thought htat was hilarious!) has fainted at the sight of a sixty foot spider. (I suspect that I would not faint at the sight of that...I would probably high tail it out of there!)

Roberta wakes up and speaks a bit about her experience. The humourous repartie between Roberta, Kirk and McCoy is very spot on and entertaining to read.

Then Roberta is given a sedative and she falls asleep in sick bay. But she has a very vivid dream about Mr Seven where he is again assimilated into the Borg Collective. He gives her instructions in the dream and then she awakens. An amazing dream, but obviously not simply a dream...

Great chapter!
5/7/2012 c18 Foxcat93
So a landing party is being formed to rescue Floyd Fisher from the surface of Alpha 175. To,e os pf tje essence because Floyd needs to be reintegrated to his other half in sick bay. Kirk considers coing but is talked out of it by Riberta who notes the Spicab flames gems in her necklace will protect her.

After beaming down to the planet, the landing party finds Fisher overcome with heat exhaustion. Roberta mistakes a huge spider like animal for a tree after touching it and she faints when teh face is pointed out to her. The arachnid luckily does not notice the humans. Roberta faints and McCoy berates Spock for having told Roberta it was a spider.

Then there is a bit of repartie between Spock and McCoy conc erning the pider. That was funny and very well done. It could have been a scene from the show. I could see the two of them saying those exact words! I really enjoyed this, it seemed so much like the show. The earlier exchange with Kirk and Spock was also excellent. You have the characterizations down pat when there is conversation involved! Good work and excellent, enjoyable chapter!
4/30/2012 c18 5LADYMALLARD
Roberta did get to accompany Spock and McCoy to retrieve Fisher so they could save him. And even though she fainted at the sight of that gigantic spider, (and I don't blame her a bit, I would have too) the rescue mission was accomplished without too much trouble. I love the attitude Bones gave Spock,(concerning the spider and Roberta's fainting, too funny)and the first officer's reaction, it was so in character for those two...I wonder what Roberta will think when she regains consciousness, this was a terrific chapter, I really enjoyed reading it and can't wait for the next one...till next time.
4/29/2012 c17 38asarahworld
This looks pretty good. I would've reviewed sooner, but I just watched Assignment: Earth a few days ago for the first time. So, I basically didn't know who Gary Seven or Roberta or Isis were before.

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