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for Darkness and Light: Part II

8/14/2016 c5 james.douglas.fraser
imhoping you finish this it's awesome loved the first one plz continue
9/18/2011 c5 8Thozmp Corris
Kinda short, so it's hard to get into the story to much. I do hope you have plans for the dream and for the sudden interest in Mrs. Garland. As the saying goes, "if you show a gun in the first act, it should be fired by the third."

I do like how Halley's disappearance is going though, as well as introducing the possibility he might not even still be alive, kinda makes me wonder if he married the girl from the first Shadow Hearts or not.

I do hope to see more, as I said it was rather short, and makes it harder to get into.
8/30/2011 c4 Thozmp Corris
Interesting so far, although I'm a little surprised that Koudelka didn't recognize the Hyuga name, especially as Jeanne mentioned her Japanese/Russian father. Also wondering if Johnny can still use his Awaker form, and if Jeanne inherited fighting skills from either of her parents, though I suspect that might be revealed later.

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