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for Chronicles of Xander Cage Part IV

9/19/2011 c5 70AVP5
Nice and it seems del rio got some payback. I hope cage wins Sunday and I think aeon should have kept the car. Update when you can please.
9/14/2011 c3 3Syco's Path
... I just noticed you eliminated Dolph twice. Care to explain that one?
9/9/2011 c4 7Golden-Black Dragon
Could you give Xander a heel run?

I've got an OC that you might be able to use...
9/1/2011 c4 MrCraft
I have to agree with the psycho, you really should give Cage a heel run soon. It's almost looking like the story is The "Chronicles of John Cena", just with a different name. I know it's your story and all, but a heel run would make it more interesting.
8/30/2011 c4 3Syco's Path
Okay first things first.

Nice job trying to catch up to the current time period. I like how you managed to skip all of 2010. Seriously good idea.

But, I'm finding cage to be too generic as the whole good-guy gimmick. Give him some more heel-ish tendencies. Make a little more less like how Cena's portrayed (the whole "Never give up, never surrender; can't lose without my opponent finding some way to take advantage and get a questionable win). It's seriously getting repetitive and it's making me start to like him as much as I like Cena, which *SPOILER*, I don't like at all.

Also, you build Cage up too much. Give some one else the World champion spot and relegate Cage to the lower card again. I'm not saying take away his momentum completely but give him the tag titles or the US/IC title or whatever. Hell, put him on Smackdown and let him do some stuff there again. Anything to get him away from the whole Cena-style character.

Just some food for thought.
8/30/2011 c4 alex 988
cant wait to read chapter 5!
8/30/2011 c4 KR Duelist
Wow. What a night for Kalin, and him getting some lessons from Xander on how to woo a woman, oh boy, this is gonna be good, haha. Anyways, great chapter! I'm all fired up for the next one.
8/30/2011 c4 70AVP5
Funny about the last segment...very familiar that scene nice job.

The matches were good and the rookie did well in his first match on raw and against del rio. Though if we know paco he'll get even cage better be careful update when you can please.
8/24/2011 c3 alex 988
cant wait to read chapter 4! xander wins the 40 man royal rumble! yes!
8/20/2011 c3 DarthMarek
Royal Rumble is always a good time for a big return. You did the return of Cage in style. Just wondering several thing at the moment. Are you going to incorporate the CM Punk shoot and Edge's retirement in the story? Perhaps bring in more TNA people like Beer Money?

Anyway keep up the good work. One of the best wrestling stories I have read so far.
8/19/2011 c3 alex 988
cant wait for chapter 4!
8/17/2011 c3 AVP5
First let me say what a return for cage impressive job and Kalin did well on his first rumble and wwe debut nice. I was glad storm is world champion, aeon that sucks that she lost her title, and how in the world is hornswoggle still the hardcore champion. How is that possible?

But that I don't actually care...SAMOA FREAKING JOE IS IN THE WWE! YES YES THANK YOU YES FOR BRINGING HIM IN THE WWE! His 2011 is not going well and I hope you do better with him than TNA is doing. What am I saying of course I know you will this is SAMOA JOE plus your past stories is proof enough also.

Update when you can please.
8/17/2011 c3 KR Duelist
Awww... eliminated by Xander. Oh well. Anyways, great chapter! Can't wait to read more.
8/5/2011 c2 KR Duelist
Oh wow, haha! That was way shorter than I expect it would be, those key events that happened. And wow Xander showed up at the Slammys and he popped the question to Aeon as a bonus. Epic man. Kalin's showing up sooner than I thought. Great chapter.
8/5/2011 c2 AVP5
Awwwww that's great they are getting married and I wonder what the news is. Nice job with the chapter and I like how storm came back. Update when you can please.
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