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for Chronicles of Xander Cage Part IV

9/5/2013 c27 70AVP5
WWE goes old school i love it and looking forward to what is going to happen next time. I hope the next chapter will be longer though. Update when you got the time please.
9/3/2013 c26 Emmanuel
Remember I told you about a new wrestler I'm creating that would be Christian's new protégé? Well, I'm finished. Here's a short bio:

Real Name: Donald Grayson
Ring Name: Grey Stone
Age: 30
Lives in: Oakland, California
Height: Same as Xander's
Weight: 235 lbs.
Hair: White (albino) neck-length into a short ponytail
Eyes: Gray
Regular attire: The outfit from his bounty hunter days, a duty belt which consist of handcuffs and a canister of sleeping gas, and a bandana on his head which covers his left eye.
Wrestling attire: A singlet which is midnight-blue at the top, black on the bottom, surround with gold trim, and a decal of a round 5-point star badge with the word "Bounty" on top and "Hunter" on bottom. He also wore a pair of black combat boots, black wrist tape, white knee pads, and an eye patch on his left eye.
Accessory: A concealable body armor over his wrestling gear
Background: Gymnastics, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jutsu, freelance bounty hunter
Education: Cheyenne High School (North Las Vegas, Nevada-his birthplace)
UC Berkeley, studying mechanical engineering
Signature moves:
Hanging figure-four necklock
a delayed vertical suplex into a neckbreaker slam
Headshot - spinning back fist
Bullseye - Pelé kick or backflip kick
Finishers: Revolver - a 180 degree stunner (Twist of Hate) followed by an Asai DDT, preceded by a finger gun taunt
Eternal Rest - an inverted version of Masahiro Chono's STS submission hold

When Christian introduce him, the guitar and drums started a familiar beat than "Nightmare!" is song out. Yep, Avenged Sevenfold's "Nightmare" will be Stone's theme. I'll tell you more about him and the rest of his finishers if you'll accept him in your story.

Speaking of finishers, I have a request from one of your reviewers and helpers, AVP5. I have a new submission hold for Michael Storm if you like. It's called the Bite of the Black Dragon, which is a grounded chickenwing/Dragon sleeper combination.

See you later!
8/15/2013 c26 Emmanuel
Aw, I thought we could keep the mystery man a secret for a little longer; hey, it's your story. I was shocked that Christian did all this not only to Xander, but to Michael and Aeon. Then I just realized that he is just like his long time partner, Edge: ever the opportunist to get ahead. When he will explain his actions, he might cut the ties with Cage and got a new protégé. Hey, maybe "Cutting Ties" could be the title of the next chapter. Also, I have a new OC that not only Christian had mentored, but a ghost from Aeon's past. Please write me back at for a profile, OK?


P. S.: I think Xander might say this in the words of Kane and Lita: "Jason Reso...is a DEAD MAN!"
8/9/2013 c26 Radaketor
So you're bringing the TNA roster into the story?
And wow, you really got me with Christian, i really did not see that coming.
Looking forward for an update.
8/8/2013 c26 AVP5
Joe lost his title? WTF! He just won the title and now lost it? Booooo.
I was surprise how the cruiserweight title match went along with the three stages of hell. I'm looking forward to the aftermath. Update when you have the time please.
7/14/2013 c25 Emmanuel
Radaketor, I don't think the mystery guy was Michael's fan, but you got the "crazy" part right. I mean, I won't be surprised if that guy took out both Xander and Michael if they have their pay-per-view match. You know, three stages, two birds, one stone. Hey, that could be the title of the next chapter, XMan.

Speaking of chapters, do you remember last time I told you about the finishers Xander will have during his heel run? I better put down them now if you decide to put the 3 Stages Match. By the way, you can keep Deadend; the rest are the face moves. Here's the heel moveset:

You've Been X'ed - a pumphandle sitout facebuster
Xplosive Buster - The first version is a straightjacket scoop brainbuster. The second is an inverted straightjacket brainbuster.
Heartless Aggression - a straightjacket choke with a knee on the back of the opponent's neck
Crossed Cage - a crucifix neck crank on the face down opponent
No Xscape - a single leg Boston crab with an armlock
Black Heart Down - Similar to Mr. Anderson's Green Bay Plunge, a rolling fireman's carry slam from the top rope

Like it? One more thing. His new pose or taunt is the two middle fingers crossing, forming an X. See you next chapter! Keep it up!
7/14/2013 c25 Radaketor
Nice theme, and Storm has a crazy fan? I wonder who it could be.
7/12/2013 c25 alex 988
Can't wait for chapter 26!
7/10/2013 c25 AVP5
I hope there will be a match I want to see those two fight. Update when you have the time please.
6/8/2013 c24 Radaketor
YES, YES, YES, THANK YOU! XANDER IS FINNALY A HEEL, even if he doesn't think so, now he knows how The Miz, Randy and all the others he feuded felt.
About the attacker, i would think it was Kalin, it could also be Y2J, he could've not wanted Xander to be Undisputed Champ because he was the first one and they've feuded before.
This story is getting real tense, hope you update soon
6/8/2013 c23 Radaketor
Wasn't expecting this to happen to Xander.
6/8/2013 c24 3Syco's Path
All I can say is : Bout damn time. Xander "Cena" Cage was starting to get annoying. Thanks for the tweeter/heel turn. Bring more ROH guys over (Steen, Generico, Elgin, or at least 187
6/7/2013 c22 Radaketor
Oh man this was a good chapter, you seem to be inovating each chapter.
Great job
6/7/2013 c21 Radaketor
Finnaly me and Storm agree on something, John Cena get's too many title shots, it's a shame, you could've made Rey win the match, but oh well, at least CM Punk is back.
6/6/2013 c20 Radaketor
To be fair, Christian was screwed out of the title by Orton, so it's only fair that he screws Randy out of the title as well, great match and i didn't expect LOD to come back, i was kind of scared at first because i thought you were gonna put Hawk instead of Heidenreich, and i thought that that would destroy the whole match (you know, because he's dead).
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