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for Chronicles of Xander Cage Part IV

5/15/2012 c13 70AVP5
Cool update when you have the time I am looking forward to the next chapter.
4/21/2012 c12 alex 988
cant wait for chapter 13!
4/20/2012 c12 KR Duelist
Nice man. Took a while, but you updated. Great chapter!
4/20/2012 c12 AVP5
Worth the wait love it thanks for the chapter and glad cage retained. Update when you have time please.
4/11/2012 c11 alex 988
i think xander keeps his wwe championship
4/2/2012 c11 alex 988
cant wait for chapter 12!
3/12/2012 c11 7Golden-Black Dragon
I think Xander should lose the belt and Morrison should win it. I think when John Morrison (John Hennigan) got his push, it ended up being horribly squandered so I wonder what will happen.

I'm really looking forward to Wrestlemania XXVIII actually. And I can't WAIT for the Hell In A Cell match. Wonder what'll happen seeing as HBK's the guest referee and he seems to be on 'Taker's side for now.
3/8/2012 c11 70AVP5
I can't wait for the next chapter and how the cage matc will go update when you can please.
3/7/2012 c11 KR Duelist
Oh boy, not a good night for Xander. Hopefully he'll retain the title at Extreme Rules. Great chapter, update sooner. :)
1/26/2012 c10 AVP5
Nice and it seems things are getting interesting for the ppv. Oh man joe's streak ended and so did his title reign. That sucks and I know cena is going to pay for that. Update when you get the chance please, bye.
1/26/2012 c10 3Syco's Path
Ok. A little better than last time with the over Cena-sized characteristics, but tone down the extremely detailed dialogue. It's an eyesore. Give Cage more heel moments. Adds flavor to the story.
1/25/2012 c10 KR Duelist
Yeeeeeeeah! My boy Kalin is the Hardcore Champion! Awesome! Great chapter even though you took long to update, but I don't blame ya.
12/26/2011 c9 alex 988
cant wait for chapter 10!
11/25/2011 c9 7Golden-Black Dragon
Xander's champ again.

Things are going to be very interesting now that Xander's champ and there are people who want that title apparently.

Bring in Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli because one (or both) of them is joining the WWE roster apparently.
11/20/2011 c9 KR Duelist
WOHOO! Xander and Kalin won their matches! Great chapter.
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