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for Sands of Destiny

10/14 c27 moodyboy66
Love the new chapters!
10/3 c27 Guest
I just found out that you started posting again, I was so excited. I reread everything it’s still amazing
9/10 c27 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Very thought provoking
9/8 c27 3ProngsPadfootandMoony
lol same
9/7 c1 Vale
this is a flame review because the fic is FIRE
9/7 c1 Vale
I just wanted to be your 1500th review
9/8 c26 BlueCoraline
I'm so glad you posted again! I'll read everything from the beginning!
9/6 c27 Calimocho
Thanks for the awesome update!
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
9/6 c27 8The cat with blue eyes
this remus is so cute I definitely understand why you felt that! poor Sirius this is so hard and so insignificant at the same time. the simple things can really trigger
9/5 c27 2lynettecullen
They eat poutine in Europe?….I didn’t know that. Thank you.
8/30 c26 Guest23
Crying because I love this story to pieces, and this was a wonderful update!
8/31 c12 imnotahorcrux
8/29 c4 imnotahorcrux
hmm... Hermione questioning Dumbles decision why she's not sent to Tom Riddle's era or even before he's in school had me wanting that version of this fanfic. Like, an AU of an AU.
8/18 c26 7fallfromreality
Just found this story and absolutely devoured it! Beautiful story! :)
8/17 c26 TheBoredomEnsues
Ahhh! You’re back! I can’t tell you how big my grin was when I got the email that you’d updated. I am HERE for the Sirius x Hermione content
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