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for Sands of Destiny

10/19 c25 Elisa.CFPS
I really love this,
Ill be waiting the update!
10/18 c25 Joylly
Wow this story is amazing ! Sirius and Hermione together are cute ️ I’m so happy for them
9/10 c25 Avalon Starfire
I can’t wait to see when they get the last one. Glad you’re back. Hope to see the next update soon.
8/27 c10 draconismalfoi-nsm
i laughed so hard from the 'charity table' comment BRUH HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
8/23 c25 eccentricess
Absolutely divine!
I so enjoyed this, you give the characters real personalities and I have been completely absorbed for the last two days reading it.
8/21 c25 HunterofArtemis9
This is probably one of the best hermione x sirius time travel fics I have ever read. Please continue the story!
8/13 c21 1Hp.lover.200
I started reading this years ago and I’ve just recently returned to it. I remember loving the story then, and reading this chapter has confirmed that this is the best fanfic I’ve ever read. I love how you built up Sirius’s gift for sensing magic and the use of Fiendfyre so that they both fit perfectly into this chapter. Your storytelling style is absolutely amazing - you build up tension so well. You have such I gift and I cannot stress enough how much I love this story. I can’t wait to carry on reading!
8/9 c25 Guest
good story
8/5 c25 Ame
8/6 c25 Spirit kagome
I’m so glad I found this story! Everything about it is so good! I especially love how all the characters are written and hope that everyone stays together as things get even more dangerous. I’ve read a lot of Hermione time-traveling stories and this one is my favorite! Thank you for updating, I’m excited to read what happens next! XD
7/24 c25 26GreenTea4062
Sirius and Hermione are realistic enough that maybe I'll be stalking your profile forx you know, updates.
7/17 c25 7omnipotent Porunga
Hope they all survive!
7/4 c25 Guest
Great chapter as always, but you should consider updating “Captive” as well! I found it through “Sands of Destiny” and I feel like it could be sooooooo good; as good as his one!
6/23 c25 3Hulkishpower
Wow! What a gem! Please update soon when you can!
6/19 c25 thepatilsister
Thank you SOOOO Much for updating, this chapter was amazing. Sirius and Hermione are so cute! Please don't make us wait again for years for the next chapter! (I am hoping that since we are all in lock down you will have the time to finish this brilliant story.)
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.. thank you!
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