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for Sands of Destiny

3/1 c3 Axla
My gosh. She overreacted so much huh. "hexing him for good measure" So it's okay when Lily is hexes, when Snape hexes but it "doesn't make it okay" for others to retaliate? lol pls-
She is working to "redeem" a traitorous bastard and a dude who bullies children cuz they're still 15 but the same age grace is not applicable for the rest? Hypocrisy
12/13/2023 c27 1HKGrace
I hope you continue this story some day soon! I’m really invested and would love to see it finished! It’s hard to find well written stories with this pairing. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted all the completed works already.
8/11/2023 c27 8CoSmO333
this is great thanks for sharing!
1/7/2023 c22 1only child of chaos
I absolutely loved the ending of this chapter, especially with James and Lilly standing beside Hermione. It was beautiful!
12/18/2022 c27 Anemone
Still a fan! I would absolutely love to read the next chapter. You're a great writer. Please delight us with an update - even Hermione was asking for more of this "soon" ;)
8/28/2022 c27 Dances with Willows
This had been lovely hun. Thanks so much for taking all the time and effort to write it and then share it with us. I know that can be hard. Just know it is appreciated.

I look forward to seeing where you take this. Honestly, it has made me laugh several times so far.

Anyway, I hope you and yours are well.
5/25/2022 c1 MareAlba
I've been meaning to read this for the past few months but I haven't been in a hp mood until lately but woah it was so good. This was so well written and the characterization and relationship dynamics are *mwah*. Can't wait to read more!
5/22/2022 c27 junie
in response to your author's note, i feel the same! i could ship hermione with remus sirius severus regulus literally even some death eaters if the characterization and dynamic is right. currently in a james/hermione phase after reading storms of yesterday by shayalonnie but i can hardly find good fics for them so im just having a time travel readathon instead. hermione is just perfect and i think every man should be in love with her so
5/22/2022 c24 junie
oh thank god he kissed her again ive been waiting desperately. and woo the stakes are high i love it
5/22/2022 c21 junie
regulus sirius and hermione partners in crime im in heaven. so wonderful. i missed severus tho! and omg if she gets a new wand and it's harry's phoenix feather one ill scream
5/22/2022 c16 junie
1. hermione putting out fiendfyre oh my if the death eaters saw her do it and now know who can control it voldy might suspect something...
2. the prophecy! oh lord if a death eater overheard THAT...
3. i find it funny that they never use muffliato feel like it could save them some grief
5/21/2022 c14 junie
i would DIE for regulus severus and remus. and im so excited that hermione got straight Os she deserved it.
5/21/2022 c13 junie
severus snape was born to be a spy oh i love him. regulus still my fav character tho hes just so funny
5/21/2022 c12 junie
5/21/2022 c11 junie
im actually glad severus was the first to know because i trust his mind to keep the information guarded and i think he'd be a useful ally! and i need her to master fiendfyre because that horcrux makes me nervous!
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