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2/24/2017 c1 Kurisu Motou
Please uke Seto-kun! Story's cool, but please uke!
12/4/2014 c11 3stephany.martin.503
more more more more more
1/22/2013 c11 9Yami no Sekirei
nooo.. hope danila get back here soon... huhuhu.. please update it soon, i am eager to know more.. thanks
7/18/2012 c11 Hawke1412
awesome more!
7/17/2012 c11 9rosewhip889
I hope that you'll be able to update soon; this story is getting interesting?
6/5/2012 c11 2yaoilover6969
Omg please please please write more soon! I love this story can't wait for more :)
12/17/2011 c11 5Misaki Takahashi Akihiko
Oh she's so gettine reborn as their new butt-baby. (teh term for yaoi babies).

12/11/2011 c11 Nique13
Please update.

...such a great story.
12/11/2011 c6 Nique13
I meant Seth and Jono's daughter.
12/11/2011 c5 Nique13
Is Danila, Seto and Joey daughter?
12/10/2011 c11 1Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Really good!
12/8/2011 c11 15LightShadowsh
poor Danila

at least Seto finally understood. sadly, they had to sacrifice someone
11/9/2011 c10 FruitSnacks
This is so good :O Like, wow. I can't wait to see what happens next :D
10/29/2011 c10 48SquigglySky
AAAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs away* EVIL! yet.. somehow I think Seto deserves it after being so cruel to the two.. I mean, come on, Joey can take an insult every other day, but not they freaking daughter!

I was.. if possible, laughing evilly when you said Yugi was pregnant *dreamy look* oh.. that just sparks my imagination doesn't it? XD

Now off to save Seto guys, not even I would be so mean and to let that guy rape Seto a second time.. ah.. the offence to his pride..
10/7/2011 c8 Mimi-Senpai
This is awesome, do update soon please!
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