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7/13/2018 c22 Guest
Amazing story ! Yeah, i read a lot of chlollie stories and i m used to read chlollie romance fic with a lot of fluff. Yours is completely different in the way of the plot is larger and the romance is not at the center but it's really great. You managed to describe a totally alien universe, a lot of action scenes, the numerous charaters and the bond between each others, which is an incredible work. You will be pleased to know that you played with my emotions and you were careful to lead the plot without any evident contradiction. I loved the Pandora episode (as you i guess) but they are some contradictions in this one that i can understand what was on the scenarists brains (why Chloe left the wachtower without weapon ? She knew better... why Oliver hadn't her back ? How they managed their way in the mansion without alerting the kandorians ? I can go on lol )
Well, i felt like reading your others stories, so see you soon
9/5/2014 c22 alejavc07
Such a nice story, with no Lois! ;)
I was hunting a story like this but Clark centric, that's how I ended reading your story. You should totally write a Clark one *wink*
4/4/2013 c22 8prophet87
Wow! Just read the last couple of chapters, and I'm stunned - so much action, so much tragedy! Loved it - you really pushed the angst button to the max in just an amazing finale. Sorry it has taken me so long to review, but real life has kept me away from the world of fanfic in recent weeks. Great work, my friend - an awesome achievement!
3/21/2013 c22 3Obsidian The Ghost Faced
Whoo-whee! This has been an epic adventure, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your story my friend! I think my favorite line from this chapter has to be when Darkseid said ", I am God...", just like from the episode of Superman TAS...The one where he battles Darkseid on Apokalips...
3/19/2013 c22 Anne
great fic, i liked .
3/16/2013 c22 5Aida013
Fitting end to Part 1 of this story. I loved the drama and tension and Oliver being all heroic!...

Thanks for a great read and congratulations in finishing :-p

Happy writing and I love forward to reading your other stories.
3/16/2013 c22 15lizard1969
Thanks for an incredible journey. I've really enjoyed your writing style and the creative storyarc. I can't believe it's been over a year. Congratulations! I can't wait for the sequels.
3/16/2013 c22 Guest
Amazing finish! Can't wait for the follow ups to see Chlollie reunited and how everyone eesls with their losses, especiallu Bruce. I loved how your heroes never gave up!
3/16/2013 c22 blaker316
awesome ending
3/9/2013 c21 17Hellzz-on-Earth
Oh my gosh! You about gave me a heart attack when Zod got the drop on Oliver then we lost AC, sniff sniff, and Hal, sniff sniff.
I know the good guys have to have some losses that's the reality of war, but darn it I hate it when we lose a hero!
First Zod now Darkseid? My poor heros can't catch a break.
Where the heck is Bruce? I know I knwo looking for Faora, but come on guy get in the fight already!
I'm sad this great fic is coming to an end, but want to read how it ends even more. lol
Thank for the spectacular update.
Happy writing.
3/6/2013 c21 2metai12
this is a very good story line! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
3/5/2013 c21 3Obsidian The Ghost Faced
Dear sweet flipping crap! What a chapter! This is going to be a great ending...
2/28/2013 c21 5Aida013
Some pretty intense sequences and I am shocked at the human losses! But I love the fact that everyone is fair game especially now that Darkseid is here. (Channeling your inner prophet? - PPMS cause I can't wait to see how you tie the story up)
2/27/2013 c21 blaker316
2/27/2013 c21 hawkeyegal1995
Great update and your fight scenes were great. I can't believe you killed off AC and Hal...but selfishly I am thankful that Chloe was able to save Ollie since they are my OTP. So I am guessing that their actions fall under the wrath of the 7 deeply sins allowing Darkseid to take possession of our gang?
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