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8/7/2012 c11 blaker316
8/7/2012 c11 8prophet87
Another great chapter! I love how you are weaving a number of different strands in the story, gradually knitting them all together. The Ollie-Chloe scene was wonderful, and I can't wait for the Kal-Ollie showdown. Awesome cliffhanger, too - like the mystery character, I'm licking my lips in anticipation! Wonderful work - can't wait for more!
8/6/2012 c11 17Hellzz-on-Earth
YES! J'onn is getting his powers back. I love how you write him true to character. Even through all the abuse at the hands of Zod he still keeps hope alive. Just love him.
Finally Chloe has seen through Oliver's charade. How she kept from kissing him is beyond me, but I'm sure she'll make up for it. lol
Oh gosh I really hope J'onn fully gets his powers before Kal can hurt Chloe?
sniff sniff still sad about Bart.
Thanks for the awesome update.
Happy writing.
8/6/2012 c11 5Aida013
A glint of hope for some... a dark cloud still hanging over others. I think its safe for me to assume that their will be another fatality before this fic is over... (and if not not... relief)

I like that Chloe caught onto Oliver's actions but que the creepy music... Kal-El wanting to fight Oliver in the area and someone with eyes on Chloe!...

Your doing really well with conveying a variety of emotions and capturing the hopelessness and hope of the situation.
8/5/2012 c11 3NouvelleLenni
Wow. Even if this chapter felt like a somewhat "filler chapter" it was really well done. I can't help but feel bad that Bart is dead. Not for Oliver or Chloe or any of the other living characters, but for bart himself, considering he's out of the story...? But what can you do? For stories to be interesting throughout we can't always keep the ones we love alive. Bravo on making his death... Is it bad to say amazing...? Whatever, you did it well considering the injustice of his death will most probably fuel half of the ignition that sparks the fight in everyone.
Can't wait for the next chapter considering the AMAZING cliffhanger you left us with and the side note of its importance in the story!
7/24/2012 c10 8prophet87
Exciting chapter! Loved the fight scene - the guys working together was great! And of course a bit of hero whump at the end always makes me happy. Looking forward to what happens next, and some more Ollie angst!
7/23/2012 c10 17Hellzz-on-Earth
No, no, no I refuse to believe Bart's dead! I thought for sure it was going to be Tess, NOT Bart. Just let me sit in my own little world where Bart is still recovering ok. lol
DAMN now Ollie's going to be struggling even more and really not want to have anything to do with Chloe.
The supes were brave going inthe arena with Hal. Liked that they were able to get some licks on Zaror, even though he still whooped on them.
Loved that Hal was strong enough through the torture to keep from begging for mercy.
Oh boy a clicking sound is never good. lol Hope Hal is going to be ok?
Loved the update.
Happy writing
7/23/2012 c10 5Aida013
I kept hoping that maybe Bart would heal...sniff, although I would think that there might be some more casualties before the story is over.

The group attack on Zaror was well written.
7/15/2012 c9 17Hellzz-on-Earth
Loved it! Glad your back btw. Any Chlollie fan can wait forever for an update and understand when RL gets crazy. lol
I liked the first part because the focus was on Oliver. I enjoyed reading Condo being the one to see his struggle and do something about it. Making him realize that none of them know how long they are going to survive being imprisoned by Zod? All they have is each other and not to throw that away.
Oliver better just fight as hard as he did to not die in the arena for Chloe!
Yes I finally got to read Kal taking notice of Chloe. I don't know how you are going to write Oliver or the others trying to protect her from Kal, but please bring Chlollie back together so they can deal with him!
Damn I understand why Tess had to take the beating she is, but freakin ay the girl is tough to still be breathing at this point. Hope Hal's plan with the ring does miracles and he makes it to Tess in time?
Awesome update as always.
Happy writing.
7/15/2012 c9 8prophet87
Great to see you've started writing again! And what a chapter to come back with - self-sacrifice, angst, and lots of action, just as it should be! Loving evil Kal, so I hope you plan to have an Ollie/Kal confrontation soon. Looking forward to the next one - please keep the angst and action coming!
7/14/2012 c9 5Aida013
Yikes they are all in a bad way but weekly updates sound great because I am curious to see if/how they get out of this pickle. Happy writing
7/14/2012 c9 WanderlustReader
So glad that you updated. The chapter was nice but I cant wait to see more in the next chapter and also more chloe being badass. Update soon.
1/1/2012 c8 8prophet87
Great chapter! I love how you portray the group under stress, and especially Ollie's sense of guilt. His reaction to Bart's injury and the way he tries to push Chloe away to protect her is totally convincing. And now Zod is returning to pile on the agony - love it! Wonderful work, as always - can't wait to read more!
12/31/2011 c8 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
12/31/2011 c8 17Hellzz-on-Earth
I totally understand why Ollie did what he did to Chloe, but it's so heartbreaking! I hope Chloe will realize what he's doing and not be mad at him too much.

Poor Bart. I don't want him to die! Maybe Chloe will discover her healing factor while sitting with him?

Thank you for the update. Cna't wait to read who the guards are coming to get?

Happy writing.
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