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12/30/2011 c8 5Aida013
Oooo the slow build up of the tension with the characters is killing me!. Looking forward to how you resolved their captive situation (but first someone has to survive the arena right!) plus the Chlollie make up, and what happens to Bart.

Bit of a cliffy with Bart. Happy writing
11/23/2011 c7 17Hellzz-on-Earth
I don't mind the little bit of romance you do give us b/t Chloe and Oliver. It's not really feasible for them to get down and dirty when they're prisoners.

Loved Bruce advising Oliver not to waste time.

Words can't hurt Chlollie. Oliver is definitely going to need her after Bart's torture. He's feeling broken and that's not good for our hero.

So Hal and Tess? Hope to read some of their interaction.

I really enjoy dark Kal. I'm sure Alia will bring his attention to Oliver's caring for Chloe hopefully our hero will be hisself to protect our girl by then.

I feel so bad for the martian. I love J'onn and he's been torutred for too long and still has hope. Now that's a hero to be reckoned with.

Can't wait for more.

Happy writing.
10/31/2011 c7 3modscho
Very intense chapter! I'm sure that mental torture is just as bad as physical, if not worse.

Love it!
10/29/2011 c7 5Aida013
I liked the explanation of Tess and Chloe's friendship from the beginning. Alia was obviously not acting under Zod's orders and in this chapter came across as genuinely fearful of him.

I got a sense of outrage that the group felt during the torture scene and I am grateful you didn't go into to much detail because it fits in with the current rating. But I think that metal torture over physical can sometimes be more damaging. (eg knowing that someone is going to fight in the area and not come back or knowing what Zod has prevented)

Looking forward to your next update
10/29/2011 c7 23Whatever-the-weather
Wow great chapter, looking forward to the next update, I hope Bart pulls through and the group come together better as a team! :)
10/29/2011 c7 8prophet87
Wow - intense or what! I loved how you built up the tension, and the torture scene itself was really raw and powerful. I know I shouldn't, but I love Alia - great villains are awesome, and she knows just how to hurt our heroes, both physically and emotionally.

Great work, as always. This is my kind of story, full of angst and drama - can't wait for more!
10/2/2011 c6 prophet87
This might be the shortest chapter you've written, but it's also one of the best! That nightmare sequence was exceptional - so vivid and intense. I loved the tragedy of it, and Alia is a great villain - I can't wait to see what she and Zod have in store for Ollie and the others. Great work - just getting better and better!
10/1/2011 c6 5Aida013
I love the way you describe Oliver's emotions. Uncertain yet willing to find out. Everyone seems to forget that Oliver is/was just as lonely as everyone else... He just did it in Style thanks to his money!.

Fav Bit- "Yet, he felt like he should be with Chloe. It was an odd feeling and it was the first time he was experiencing that. Something inside of him told him he could trust Chloe with his life, that she would do anything for him like he would for her. It was like he was told that she was who he was destined to be with, that she was the only one worth to share his life. And it was what he was feeling at the moment."

And Alia - wow certainly gives Zod (or even Lex) a run for the title most Villainess Villain
10/1/2011 c6 23Whatever-the-weather
Great story, I haven't seen as many chollie stories published recently so I'm so glad you updated, please update soon! I'm glad to know that Oliver release just how much he likes Chloe, looking forward to reading the next chapter! :)
10/1/2011 c6 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
9/4/2011 c5 3modscho
I loved how you introduced Kal in this - guess that's what happen when you're raised in a world as cruel as Zod's.

Will we see more of Alia? She seems to have a lot of power and I'd like to see how she's gonna use it.

As for Ollie ... poor guy, does it really always have to be him who's humiliated? But then that's what we want to see, isn't it?
9/3/2011 c5 23Whatever-the-weather
Great start loving the choille and the Bruce/Oliver friendship and the Tess/Chloe friendship, will Bruce and Tess have love interests? Looking forward to seeing what will happen with Clark and the rest of the JLA! Update soon! :)
9/3/2011 c5 5Aida013
The length of the chapter was fine (it did what it needed to). Interested to see how you get them all out of this mess (even if it is death) - however I am banking more on the fact that you will find a way to save the heros
9/2/2011 c5 8prophet87
Great chapter! I enjoyed the Kal section - it painted some really vivid images in my mind. The confrontation was great, but Alia sounds seriously scary - which means I can't wait to find out what happens next! Thanks for posting, and for keeping Ollie front and center!
9/2/2011 c5 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
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