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for We'll Get By, But We Don't Know How

10/16/2021 c23 AustraLIA2291
This was amazing! I hope you still decide to write a sequel
3/5/2017 c1 4bookwriter123456
So, I know it's been awhile and you probably aren't interesting anymore, and if you do one day make a sequel, I would totally read it (:
5/26/2016 c23 yasss
This was a very good book , a lot like the first one . I really hope you make a sequel .
2/15/2014 c23 6offbrandgizmo
I really liked this story :) it's taken me a while to read it all, but it was really good. I can see how you became disinterested, definitely, but it was still enjoyable. Some parts were tough to get through, but you're definitely right, it did - it DOES - have potential. I think it would be amazing it you considered a sequel - but that is entirely up to you.

Cas and Lydia's relationship is great XD I do wish she could have more involvement with everyone else, though, not JUST Cas. But hey, it is what it is, and it is SAD.

Supernatural is sad.

Love it, hope you might consider a sequel one day xx

8/7/2013 c4 4Thebestjeans
D: Now I'm really sad! Wha-what?! That made me cry, full on sob. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!
7/2/2013 c23 NotAProphet
Please dont give up on it, it's really good :D
6/19/2013 c3 2The1WriterFormerlyKnownAs
I totally wouldn't mind being Sam's fuck buddy. or Dean's or Castiel's...lol
But they are both right; they've both changed a lot since Sam jumped in the pit and Cas went AWOL.
4/9/2013 c23 1Perlos97
Crappy story? No way in hell! Not gonna lie, I'm a little upset that it was been discontinued, but I respect your decision. Just know it was very much enjoyed.
3/5/2013 c23 Katie
Hey , don't worry about it you are a great writer plus if you never finish this story there are others so personally I'm not mad or upset with you ( can't speek for others though ) you just didn't know we're to go with it . In my opinion this was a great story and I would love for you to finish it . But I will understand if you don't . Loved it :D . Oh and to all of you that are giving cassy a hard time ( to put it nicely ) SHUT UP
Sincerely your faithful reader ,
2/25/2013 c22 1StarWinchester
I love that song the death of you and me. My british ex-boyfriend introduced me to that artist's music
2/25/2013 c20 StarWinchester
You asked for a review here's one :-) - my review's the smiley face. That's how much I love the story, but I dont get Why lydia has to get so mad at Cas, ALWAYS. I would wanted lydia to not get mad at poor Cas so much
2/25/2013 c8 StarWinchester
I live in new york. :-)
1/21/2013 c2 1Marina Mihawk
Lol "whispered in her eye" haha I'm sure that was meant to be ear but I giggled. Good so far. Looking forward to the rest.
12/31/2012 c23 hey
Okay, I am going to be completely honest here... 9 out of 10 fanfics either A: Are so riddled with typos and grammar mistakes that reading them is downright painful. Or B: plot lines are so hopelessly lacking in character development or anything that makes reading the story really worth reading. Sadly 90% percent of what is written with OC's (or cannon) comes across as someone plugging themselves in as a Mary Sue with a flat diary style story line with no build up, climax, or resolution. That having been said occasionally we readers are lucky enough to strike gold, and find a quality story. One written buy someone with some talent (whether the author realizes it or not.) This story falls in that 10%. Otherwise, I would never have made it to this story (I read IWFYITD) let alone the "final chapter". I don't know why you hate this story, perhaps you simply got bored with it, hey it happens. But it is not crap. And while I do find it a bit cruel that you left me hanging with the WORST cliff hanger ever, I can only hope that maybe after you take a break you can come back and keep it going. I mean come on it's Godstiel, anything could happen! Writing is tough, but I am hopping your inspiration comes back. Because seriously, I was looking forward to a seriously intense angsty chapter and instead I got the Author's discontinued notice and was like NOOOOOOO! I was so looking forward to it the past few chapters. Wondering is she going to stand by him? is she going to refuse to bow and gets smited? is she going to try and help Sam and Dean kill him? or is she going to run back to the pole and drugs?... And nothing... it was heart breaking. Then you have season 7 and 8 now which could easily make this a trilogy, and there is still plenty of room for her character development, like how is she going to react to Bobby's death? what is going to happen between her and Sam now that he kinda remembers having no soul? is Crowley going to get his revenge? and how will she grow as a hunter? You built a solid character here. If you hadn't I wouldn't have these questions :) This story still has a LOT of potential, please don't write it off just yet. Take a break, take a breath, maybe work on something else for a bit. But please reconsider letting it die, great fics like this a few and far between. That having been said... awesome job so far.
12/30/2012 c23 InYourBloodstream
This was so insanely good. You might hate it but I'm pretty sure your readers of this story loved it just like me. You did a great job just wish you didn't quit on it when you had readers who really liked it.
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