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6/19/2012 c1 3urNotPERMITTEDtoTOUCH
Aww :) I usually don't ship them, but that ... I don't know... Great story :D
12/5/2011 c1 27Walker'sLampshade
Child. I had read this story ages ago but I hadn't realised you'd written it! God! How can you say that I'm a good writer when you write something like this? This is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever read. B-e-a-utiful!3
8/21/2011 c1 John le Rouge
This is the most adorable ff I've ever read :o

It's strnge because I'm team TUP (I LOOOOVE Joe Walker (l)) but... Yeah, that's nice too... Krayonder & Taz... I like it :D (And Up will be mine! Mouhaha!)

Thanks for this ff, that was totally awesome :)

P.P. Potter c:
8/17/2011 c1 G
Usually I'm a total Tup shipper, but I liked this! Good job :)
8/10/2011 c1 37GleeFangurl721
Yay! As much as I love Tup and Specsonder... This is awesome :)
8/1/2011 c1 4dslkjflksdjf
nawwwwwww! It's so fluffy I could die!
7/27/2011 c1 11Laura Hollis
Ahhh! I thought I was the only one who shipped them! I always thought Krayonder would have a crush on her. :)

This was adorable, I love how you write Taz:)
7/27/2011 c1 Chloe
I NEVER saw Krayonder and Taz together but that was so cute at the end :') DO MORE! 3

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