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5/4 c23 Ange
I am happy to see you are alright. I like Kevin . Its fun, i really like see Vilgax annoy by Kevin. I dont want to see Ben give up.
5/4 c23 8Heato-kun
Oooooooh, codependence...

Love that trope. Vilgax returns home, super exhausted hunting Kevin for sport and training, ends up being a bit more than touched upon discovering Ben misses his squidface being around. And embarrassment over being so touch-starved he can't move an inch when Vilgax turns out to be back.

Boy, wonder how Vilgax will take to Kevin escaping...
5/3 c13 Joel
well, it's a relief. I didn't want to see that. it would be weird. by the way, good story. attracts a lot.
5/3 c23 4Kitsuhana
“He was stuck here for as long as his captor, no, his ‘master’ wanted.”
I love this because despite the italicized sarcasm on the word, Ben still subconsciously corrected himself and called Vilgax “master.” It’s an awesome in-character way to show how Ben’s thoughts are starting to shift thanks to his brainwashing.
5/2 c23 34Kay Hau
Another great chapter! The ending was definitely a shift for Ben too, and you built to it really well so it made perfect sense!
5/1 c23 wolfclaw1098
omg this is so great and I'm really thankful that you are contuing it because there are so few good stories like this out there. I can't wait for more and I'm glad u are finally getting to how Ben changed and transitioned to have faith in vilgax
5/1 c23 14Data Seeker

Nice update.

The beginning has a clever plot twist. Vilgax has found Kevin 11, frozen and mutated. Figuring out Kevin’s connection, Vilgax plans to use Kevin as part of Ben’s conditioning.

The following with Ben struggling and still slowing succumbing to Vilgax’s brainwashing.

The ending was good too.

The narration, detail and trivia involving Kevin’s genetics, Vilgax’s room and other aspects are excellently written.

The characters are very complex.

Ben’s stuck in an endless cycle Vilgax has trapped him. He still has independence, but it is weakening and will continue to weaken. Ben’s thoughts and feelings involving his plight, home, and such are very detailed.

Kevin 11’s scene is brief, but he is clearly the unstable brute he is in Ben 10 Classics. Very good. I wait to see what role he’ll play in Vilgax’s plan.

Vilgax is very complex. He is innately like Vilgax from Ben 10 Classics, but shows more cunning and self-control. Not an easy thing to pull off.
His mental manipulations of Ben are dark and subtle, particularly how he can feign kindness toward Ben while breaking his will. Very dark.
His interactions, thoughts and feelings towards Kevin are great, namely how he is enraged at Kevin’s disrespect but controls his anger, and his analytical thoughts on Kevin are very well done.

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. It’ impressive how you kept Vilgax in character while making him cunning instead of a destructive powerhouse. I know my words are a bit of a paradox, but they are true.

The wholesome standards are high, and it’s great how dark and mature themes are handled in a tasteful fashion.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless

Data Seeker
4/30 c23 Guest
Poor Ben. Isn't it interesting what solitude can do to a mind. And truama?

If this wasn't so very obviously conditioned into him, it would be sweet haha. Still kind of is to be honest if you didn't have the context.

I reread this story recently coincidently so having an update with the test fresh in mind was great and! It's amazing to see the beginning of all that devotion and loyalty. At first I figured Ben would very easily break conditioning when he saw his family but he was so young that I have a feeling that it'll take more than a heartfelt reunion to get him to suddenly turn on Vilgax.

So curious on how thing will move forward but I'm enjoying these flashbacks even more haha.

Thanks for sharing!
4/30 c23 Halfangeltje
Another great chapter again! Thank you for even giving us a chapter.

Can you imagine someone watching you asleep *shiver*, well Ben Vilgax is back for you now! You are not alone anymore.
He is now getting more used to Vilgax being there and even petting him, what a sight to see (I love it). It almost looks normal, like the kidnapping never happened.

Thank you again for this great chapter, I hope you are doing well (aside from your personal stuff). Take your time to write and release it, we can always wait for it.

Hope to hear from you next time!
4/30 c23 1lobo solitario
Awww that was cute
3/3 c22 34Kay Hau
Another great chapter! It’s really interesting to see the changes Vilgax is implementing into controlling Ben, and I’m curious to see where it goes and how it develops.

Agreed. Wildvine is awesome, as is Big Chill. I wonder how Vilgax would react to the baby Necrofriggians events, lol!

More seriously, here comes some serious plot with Kevin. Whooo boy, not sure if I’m ready for this since it’s sure to get dark, but I’m definitely interested to see how this all plays out!

Keep up the great work!
3/3 c22 1lobo solitario
OMG, i read this chapter now. I have never see it before.

Incredible, very interestand chapter. A lot of thinks occured here.

I wasnt imagine Kevin in this Fanfic. This gonna be very very and very great.
2/28 c22 14Data Seeker
chapter 22


Nice continuation of your fic. This flashback chapter of Ben being a prisoner and being brainwashed by Vilgax is good.

There is subtle complexity to Vilgax’s methods like isolation, bland food and giving rewards for behavioral Vilgax’s wants.

After a few years of this, it’s little wonder that Ben is serving Vilgax. I wonder how Max and Gwen will get him back.

The various trivia’s are nicely interwoven into the chapter too.

The wholesome standards are high. Nothing is offensive.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless

Data Seeker
2/28 c22 8Heato-kun

Gosh, I love the irony with Kevin's ice block. Poor Ben must be stressed out after being too used to Vilgax's special brand of conditioning, and Kevin's about to meet an old buddy, I suppose.

I love Big Chill, but I just had a deep realization: Vilgax might or might not have to deal with his "pet" having the maternal physiological urges of a pregnant mother, then have to deal with the hatchlings afterward. Ben is sure to freak out then trust his master more afterward if Vilgax helps him handle it (he'd own them too as he owns their parent, maybe build them a room where they'll be safe and sound and happy like Ben is).

Probably won't happen in the story, but the idea of Vilgax's actions backfiring with Big Chill's peculiar signature episode was an amazing mental image. And Kevin ending in an iceberg has positive implications: a popup confirmed Technorg lost that fight, so this means he went back home. With no Kwarrel in sight, wonder how Kevin will get help.

Am not sure if I already brought this up, but this got me thinking: would Vilgax be okay or not if Ben turned into a Chimera Sui Generis? He doesn't treat him like a person much, maybe that'd be like confronting the implications of his actions on another intelligent being. Eh, I'll probably find out by rereading or just waiting for what's next.

As always, great chapter!
2/28 c22 Halfangeltje
Thank you for another wonderful chapter.

I still don't know how you do this. You really write the characters very detailed and easy also easy to follow their thoughts, especially Vilgax. Chapeau!

Ben is finally having real food after 4 years.. Poor baby. And he is being lonely now after Vilgax leaves.. How dare you do this to Ben (just kidding).

I will keep saying this I like Ben staying with Vilgax actually, also because there isn't a lot of stories this detailed and good. I think he will be saved by his cousin and maybe grandpa? But still I hope he still can stay with Vilgax and maybe let him visit his cousin and grandpa sometime?

But keep up the good work and again thank you for creating a new chapter for us to indulge. Till the next chapter.
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