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8/7 c18 wolfclaw1098
soooooo good. I don't usually comment but I am loving to finally see what happened to make vilgax bens master in such a solid way
8/6 c18 8Heato-kun

Wow, Azmuth. Gone that fast. Boy, sure hope Malware isn't somewhere else dying to be cured while an entire civilization shuns him while his dad died. And Albedo is gonna be in total disarray.

It was kinda cute to see how Vilgax started getting Ben to drop his inhibitions... even if it involved harsh heavy manipulation. He even understands that if he wants the Omnitrix, he needs Ben to "accept" him. And he's the one "accepting" Ben in the meantime, albeit not on an equal ground.

Me wonders when/if Ben's gonna wisen up and free his cousin, Grandpa and others, and how he'd do it. Though I doubt he's in the state to rebel, maybe he'll ask his Master to let them go for some greater benefit plan. Or because he wants to, remembered he cared about them too or some other sappy reason. Doubt Vilgax would agree, but it's definitely established at this point that he cares about Ben's feelings (...at least as a dog. Wonder if he'll ever start treating him like a person).
8/6 c18 1lolistarkiller
It makes me happy to see Vilgax as a person not as just the one note evil warlord he was portrayed in the show. The fact that you are exploring both Ben and Vilgax’s characters is awesome, especially because Ben is a child and no child can withstand isolation for so long without seeking out comfort when it is given. I’m excited to see how Ben becomes what he is 4 years later in these flashback chapters, as well as Vilgax actually understanding that Ben IS A CHILD and does need attention and care like any other child would. To me it seems like Vilgax is truly trying to help Ben (because you have to take in the cultural differences between the two races) become comfortable with his circumstances. I cannot wait for your next update! I’m so happy you’ve been updating pretty regularly, because most of my other favorite fanfics take months even for the smallest updates. Thank you for writing such a well thought out character driven narrative and can’t wait to see what happens next!
8/5 c18 1lobo solitario
Wow, incredible. That chapter has been so emotional and it opens the gate for a new beginning.
7/21 c17 1lolistarkiller
I find the interaction between Ben and Vilgax In this chapter to be rather cute...creepy because Vilgax...but still rather cute because Vilgax seems to actually care about Ben’s mental state. I can’t wait to see how Vilgax and Ben get to this point through younger Ben’s POV. Great update and can’t wait for your next one!
7/21 c17 8Heato-kun
Goodness, I loved this chapter! Seems like however Vilgax broke Ben or "remolded him", Ben likes having him around enough to forget his past. Makes you wonder what psychological torture he went through (at the same time, it's, in a sick way, endearing to see Vilgax give that much attention to Ben's mood and have faith in Ben supposedly choosing him over his own family. Makes you wonder what they, mostly Ben, went through to get there).
7/21 c17 1lobo solitario
OMG! Ben is so happy with Vilgax, being his pet.

I cant wait for the next chapter and discovered what happened with the savage kid.
7/21 c17 Halfangeltje
You really did well with the new chapter, love it. Is it weird if I like Ben as Vilgax pet? Since Vilgax is being nice to him even though Vilgax is referring Ben as a pet, so loyal..

Now I am very curious how Vilgax changed Ben
7/16 c16 thor94
good chapter, so vilgax unlocked the master command (could be risky)
About story, my favourite part are the chapters with ben training and modifications.
7/16 c16 1lolistarkiller
Luv luv luv this fanfic! Can’t wait for your next update!
7/16 c16 8Heato-kun
Poor Ben... I love his suffering. Vilgax is making the kid depend on him so well, it'll take hell to undo it
7/16 c16 Halfangeltje

How far are you with one piece? They are so good with the action, comedy and the characters!

Thank you for a new chapter, I find it believable. I was shocked for Vilgax talking more than he use to talk, but I like it. Poor poor Ben I feel him through the chapters. I'm really thankful you did the past part to show the change in him slowly!

Keep up the good work 3
7/15 c16 1lobo solitario
Spectacular! I wanna read what will hapen in the future, your favorite part xd
7/2 c15 1lolistarkiller
I am so excited that you updated! I cannot wait for your next update especially since your author’s note makes it sound awesome! I also love years later Ben he reminds of a perfect soldier, the perfect shadow! Also like you explaining Vilgax’s background it really helps to solidify him as a character rather than just a villain. Please please please update again soon I am bursting at the seems waiting to read what happens next!
6/29 c15 thor94
At was a while since the last update.
good chapter, ask what modification viglax plan to do on ben.
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