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9/16/2011 c9 162FreekyDisaster18
I adore the use of this song! Excellent writing. Fabulous.
8/4/2011 c6 FreekyDisaster18
Now that was extremely cute! Nicely written and a great use of the song.
8/1/2011 c5 FreekyDisaster18
I've never heard this Journey song *stares in horror* and this was an extremely cute little story based off the song. Excellent writing.
7/31/2011 c4 FreekyDisaster18
We still dance with actions to this song in nightclubs. Total cringe. Excellent chapter and I love the positive spin on Robbie's Casanova ways! :)
7/31/2011 c4 401Lady Dudley
I'm *so* going to think of Robbie whenever I hear this song now! :P

Great job so far, I look forward to seeing/reading more! :D
7/31/2011 c2 Lady Dudley
Love it! I think you captured Michael's view on relationships perfectly, well done :)
7/29/2011 c2 162FreekyDisaster18
Oh now this is extremely cute! Nicely written and yay for introducing new characters to your writing :)
7/29/2011 c2 9Simplyobsessed-1
This was a cute entry and great use of Michael!
7/29/2011 c2 132AlternativeRocker
I don't like Michael as much as the other characters but certain fics with him in them make me enjoy him more. This is one of those fics. :D

Keep up the good work.
7/28/2011 c1 9Simplyobsessed-1
This is a great start and who cares if you don't follow it! It's the taking part that counts :)
7/28/2011 c1 132AlternativeRocker
Wow, your writing is really powerful and this chapter was so good.

Can't wait for more!

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