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4/28/2019 c14 14nikkiliz713
Damn, you really are running out of stories huh? Can't believe you finished another one. As someone who is the overprotective friend when necessary I could really relate to Eragon and Saphira in this chapter lol. But I'm pretty sure Vanir will play nice from now on so they can chill out. This might be your strangest fic but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The style took a little getting used to but I think it worked well in the end. Congrats on another story done!
12/26/2018 c11 nikkiliz713
So I finally (I know, I’m awful) got around to catching up in this story and I’m so glad I did! I love this different style and I don’t even mind the weird pairings lol. It works in this world you created. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

6/5/2017 c10 2Shadowstouch
Oh god I hope that Durza and Murtagh will settle whatever is between them. I mean, Durza is an asshole but Murtagh still cares about him, so I hope they will be able to make amends with each other.

The positive thing is that it seems that Tornac and Eragon finally can be happy together without worrying about Murtagh (maybe?) and that Vanir and Aksel might get together!

I'm hoping for some Murtagh and Eragon interaction next chapter, but I'm sure that whatever you write will be awesome so don't feel pressured or anything! And I hope you're doing fine living in that other country! Thank you for this chapter!
2/5/2017 c8 Guest
My fave chapter so far;)))
2/5/2017 c9 Guest
That was great! But maybe nextchapter we'll go back to murtagh ;)))
1/31/2017 c9 Shadowstouch
This isn't actually my usual reading style but I thought that? since it was you and I have loved all your other works I would give it a try, and I'm glad I did otherwise I might've never read this precious little thing! It's such a good mix of hilarity and seriousness and I think it's fun that you have unusual pairings in it (Tornac and Eragon are adorable together by the way). Another thing I like is that you mix both the "email conversation" with "real life conversation". It makes everything seem more real and everything gets a bigger impact when you see how something someone said in an email affect a character in their ordinary life.

Thank you for updating and I hope everything will turn out okay for you!
9/25/2016 c7 11Saelym Exode
Oh gods... It's been so long... too long. I was just thinking about your stories the other day,and then I get an alert saying you updated one. I don't know if that means to expect other updates, or what, but glad to see you're still alive and kicking and keeping true to your determination.

Now I'm off to reread all your Inheritance stories. It's been long enough and now I'm feeling all nostalgic.

Welcome back, hun. I don't know how you can still have motivation for this series, but I'm impressed and I encourage you to keep it up.
9/25/2016 c7 3LiteratureGirl12
OH MY GOD SUSSIE YOURE BACK IN BUSINESS! IM LITERALLY SREAMING AND DANCING RIGHT NOW AND I THINK MY MOM IS ABOUT TO DRAG ME TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL! YOU ARE MY FAVORITE WRITER AND YOU WERE THE SECOND FAN FICTION WRITER THAT I EVER READ ANY STORIES BY, LIKE I FOUND YOU WHEN I JUST STARTED READING FICS. AAAAAHHHH! IM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED! *exit fan girl mode* *clears throat* Ah, sorry about that. I'm done now. I was just really, really happy. Pretty pretty pretty please update Poison and start the sequel to Obsession, pleeeeeeeaaase! I know you have a lot on your plate though, probably, so I won't rush you.
9/25/2016 c7 55Kiheada.Ray.T
Ahhhhhhhh it's so good to see your writing and to delve back into this fandom once again, it's been so long! Also, major props, kudos, and congratulations on being able to go back to something after such a long hiatus! It gives me hope with my own forgotten projects XD

As for this chapter, it's like only yesterday since I last read this fic! It picks up perfectly where it left off, and all of the emails about Eragon's and Tornac's relationship just tickled me! I'm excited to see where everything progresses D
11/14/2012 c6 Phantasium
Just love it :D
7/19/2012 c6 2rAbiDmutt03
This is a lot of fun to read, but to be honest i'm kinda missing the murera updates lol!
7/18/2012 c6 Owltalon
great chapter! :)
have to love Arya and Nasuada emailing each other a whole bunch! :)

Anyways it's good to hear from you again! and I can't wait for any updates from any of your stories! :)
7/15/2012 c6 7KathrenCullen18
I love this story! it's soooo funny! :)
7/15/2012 c6 55Kiheada.Ray.T
Yay! Short but sweet. I have to admit I like to see the interaction that is usually mentioned in the e-mails, it makes them more understandable when I can better visualize the situation. I do love the e-mail banter, it's great! All in all, you're doing great on the revisions!
5/30/2012 c2 Kalvorax
My god...hahah...I really needed a lot of laughing and this is doing just that...awesome story.
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