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for Please, won't you be my neighbor?

12/17/2013 c7 5IvoryCrawler
I can't wait for the next one! Very nice!
1/16/2013 c7 LeSigh
Hey! Been a while! RL caught up with me (rather violently) and I lost track of the pads ;_; I really enjoy watching people create such amazing fanfictions, plus only you and Tash&Ziru write about this pairing and I've got a bad case of addiction. Hope to see your works soon! Don't give up, and take your time: beautiful things cannot be rushed.
12/14/2012 c1 electro moonlight
cant wait for more this is so awesome
2/29/2012 c6 5Alluise
I don't get why this story would have little number of reviews ):

I find this story really well written, and I'm waiting for the next chapter. I hope your life isn't too busy or hard...
10/1/2011 c5 14DragonSteel
lol Oh Kup, you're a little oblivious sometimes.

If anybody knew about those little bar orgies of yours...

Reflector's trying to mark his claim! lol

I love this pairing so much now. Must Find More.
9/26/2011 c5 71P.A.W.07
Oh, you are on here as well I see. XD
9/24/2011 c5 1Kawaii Tenshi no Shi
This is an excellent fic so far! I am so happy that I found it today especially with the new update :) I hope that RL gets better soon!
7/28/2011 c2 5ancara-iii
Very interesting start...I have a few ideas and I think I know where this is going based on a similar vibe from another fic :D

But for the sake of not potentially ruining it for others I won't say in the review. Can't wait for more!

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