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for Phineas's Anger

8/3/2011 c1 Cosmos Angel and Yami Darkness
nice keep going only two days to go YAAA
7/31/2011 c1 2 headed dragonlover
I don't get it.
7/31/2011 c1 18CookiesxMilkEXCITEMe
Lol cool you make me want to see the movie Even more than I already did!

(which I swear to god I didn't know was possible!)

And what part in the Christmas special did Phineas get angry?

I LOVE angry Phineas!

Idk why?

I just do!

7/30/2011 c1 13MeanMrsMustard
Great story.

The plural of nemesis is nemeses.

When is Phineas angry in the Christmas special? I mesn, everyone knows about "Summer Belongs to You," but what about the Christmas special?
7/30/2011 c1 20Rivers of Angelic Roses
I don't think that there is a plural for nemesis. And Phineas angry? Too cute. It's called chibi anger, the one thing you can't escape!
7/30/2011 c1 4PurpleSatinRose
I beleive the skull thing is Doofenskirts's father's skull. Doof's dad wears a helmet with a horn and antler sticking out of it so that might be what it is. Cant wait 2 c if i'm right! :)
7/30/2011 c1 Will
The plural of nemesis is nemseses; with the last e being the long vowel sound. I know it can be confusing. Sort of like the plural of platypus is platypuses, not platypi.

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