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for The Very Secret Diary of Edward T. Malone

4/15 c1 1Srta.NR
Gostei de ver o mundo perdido pelos olhos de Ned. Bem pontual!
6/24/2014 c1 19dolphinrain
Should have continued with this. So many good episodes. But this one was nice and nice to see from Malone's perspective.
5/15/2003 c1 carly
hey. i love this story. ned malone is my fave character! good writing
9/19/2002 c1 robin2409
I would definatly say yes to that! I really love your story. Not many people write about Malone or from his point of view.

4/17/2002 c1 Pam
One entry for every episode, from Ned's point of view, sounds wonderful! How fun to look at each episode again through his journal. Great idea. Keep going!
4/16/2002 c1 Aria
Good story! I think it would be a great idea

to make this into a series! It would be so

interesting to read Ned's 'secret' thoughts

on each episode! Just hope that Marguerite

doesn't find these secret journals! ;-) You

know how touchy she can be! :-D
4/16/2002 c1 MEOW IN THE CROWD
YAY I like I would like you to do one for every episode just because I missed the whole first season so if you would that would be great for me since I can see that the writing is good.Eh?

Moo Cow Girl and a meow in the crowd is that me?
4/16/2002 c1 KC
I like it a lot write more
4/16/2002 c1 laurie
this was great. I think one for each episode is a fantastic idea. I look forward to seeing more.
4/16/2002 c1 3Julianna Taylor-Mulder
That's a really good idea to do one for each episode! I'm sure it will take a long time though and much work would have to be put into it. I would seriously commend you if you took the time to do that! Keep up the good work!

4/16/2002 c1 TLWROX
One entry for each episode? You think you can handle that? ;) Great job- though I think you should put more of Ned's opinion in it than just a narrative. VERY cute- keep going. :) :) :)

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