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for Withdrawal Symptoms

2/4/2017 c1 Guest
I can so imagine this as a scene from the show ~ amazing writing and amazingly in character!
10/14/2011 c1 2RoxasIsReal13
Loved it- so sweet~!
8/22/2011 c1 177LaylaBinx
Aww this was so cute! I loved it! :D
8/3/2011 c1 Mickey
OMG I loved loved loved it
7/31/2011 c1 10Amity Bell
So, I don't know jack diddly about marijuana withdrawal symptoms, but this was well-written and a good read. I look forward to reading more from you. ^^
7/30/2011 c1 Michelle
Awesome job! I'll be looking for more Suits fics from you :D This was very well written and everyone seemed very in character! I loved it. Please write more soon!
7/30/2011 c1 19Fuzzfuzz
Awww, you know I absolutely loved this on livejournal and I'm equally in love with it here. I'm going to favorite it on here though, can't do that on livejournal. ;)

You're wonderful, please write more. I'd be ecstatic to read it!
7/30/2011 c1 Nameless
It did NOT suck and it was most definetely in character! I could so see this happenig in the show. Harvey bringing him soup and it being a nice moment but then BAM! He brings out work for Mike to do. It is soooo Harvey:)cuute.
7/30/2011 c1 93OldFanfictionThatIHateDearly
Awwww! This was adorable, I loved it! Simply amazing, everyone was perfect.

I LOVED DONNA! She was AMAZING! She's actually one of my favorite characters, and you wrote her flawlessly!

7/30/2011 c1 7godsdaughter77
Great story! I really enjoyed it! I love seeing Harvey care for Mike!
7/30/2011 c1 1Lilynette
Loved it, thanks so much for sharing!

If I owned Suits, Jenny wouldn't exist either, and Mike and Rachel would be awesome BFFs.

Can't wait to get more fics for the Suits fandom from you!

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