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11/11/2013 c9 7kaito136
Know what? Damn I like this fic. I ship YuRi but the fandom ships RiPa more, which kindda made me like RiPa alot now too.

And this fic covers both. Intensively.

The first two chapters already caught my attention. From the whole Rikku denial thing. Then to the point of their relationship and character development.

Oh, how I like you made Rikku a sex maniac too. She just wanna bang people to prove something all the time. That made her a pretty damn realistic character here.

But I have one tiny bit of complain. Is that you seem to not use a lot of dialogues. Especially early chapters. I scroll down real fast and realised that only the last chapter had more dialogues. It help build the character with speeches you know? Not just describing the emotions.

Other than that. Updated in 2012, I hope you'll update this again some time soon. I really like the plot.
7/27/2012 c9 DeathSeeker123
I Really like this story! I didn't even mind Paines crazness It was a nice change. SO keep writing!
3/20/2012 c9 19KathleenDee
*slightly confused, yet pleasantly amused face*

This last chapter was a doozy!

So maybe up until the last couple paragraphs of this chapter I felt like this was a Yuna and Rikku fiction more than anything. I don't like Rikku for using Paine but I understand whats happening lol. Emotions are tricky to navigate and I think that this chapter cleared up a lot for me on how the characters really felt.

I love that you call Paine a silverlette lol

And once again your description is amazing. Especially when talking about feelings. Last chapters dream sequence was hot! lol well except for the ending. nOT SO HOT, KINDA SCARY *scared face*

Anywho I'll be looking forward to Paine and Rikku being together without all the added confusion. Great story, interesting plot, and realistic characters. I like it a lot *proud face*

*smiley face*
3/17/2012 c8 rest for the wicked
Short but definitely worth the wait to read. I'm anxious to see Rikku's reaction and how Paine responds to it. I'm very pleased to here that the next update should be soon and I shall forever be checking my computer for the opportunity to read it. Best of luck in writing.


rest for the wicked
3/17/2012 c7 Barbed Wire Proxy
Emotional turmoil and a cliffhanger? Lol good enough for me. (+follow)
11/25/2011 c6 2yyAnonymousyy
Yaaaay! That about sums up jwhq I've been been feeling : D

I love this, can't wait till more is added!
10/29/2011 c5 18Juular
I always seem to be writing these on as little sleep as possible, for some unfathomable reason. Ah, well. And, yes. Yes, I have. It's a mix of being taunted and a sudden, sinking dread that you are about to embark on a long-ass hike up a very steep mountain.

I found this very enjoyable. There were a few minor spelling/grammatical errors, but nothing detrimental. Short, yes, but it did deliver, and that's really the important part. Usually. Anyway, some time has passed, as we're told, so we know that something has been going on "in the background", so to speak. The revelations we see from Paine's thoughts are intriguing, and we're getting a view of her from your personal in-story perspective. It's always interesting to see how each individual author goes about molding the backgrounds for their plot purposes.

There is definite character growth with both Rikku and Paine. Had it not been for the explained gap in time between this chapter and the last it would have seemed rather sudden, so there's nothing to fret about, there. It's nice to see that even though you have Rikku moving on and growing up there's still more than just traces of her old self remaining. I also like that you've had Paine's development remain much more internally, kept completely to herself and emerging as internal turmoil, very much like her - or, at least, who she "became", as is explained from your story's perspective.

The ending scene was a bit quick, but not so much that it was not what I would call "tasteful". Well written, with wonderfully detailed insights into the inner workings behind their actions - or, you know, mostly Paine's. At least you aren't rushing straight into outright sex in this chapter.

Summation: it was very good. Take your time with the next chapter. Write when you have the time, and when you feel you can, otherwise it may not come out quite as you would want it to. At least, that's what I've come to find from personal experience. Good luck on the next installment, and ado 'til then.
10/26/2011 c5 cash
i like this story you should keep going
10/2/2011 c4 jess
plz write more!
9/6/2011 c2 rest for the wicked
I'm very impressed with this story so far and I can't wait for an update. It's been forever since I've read a decent RiPa fic, seeing how it is alittle behind in years compared to all the other games people tend to write about. Hopefully you do get the chance to update soon, I look forward to reading more from you.
9/3/2011 c4 IchigoTenchi
Another amazing chapter, loved it! (: I liked the way how you described Paines feelings, it's more realistic then some other stories I've read before. And I don't think that Paine would be that much OOC in this story, like Dark-SideOdThe-Coin said, she's still human and has emotionas and feelings like one. It's perfectly understandable why Paine stopped their kissing because she doesn want to get hurt by Rikku, because she knows that Rikku still has feelings for Yuna. I'm looking forward to read the next chapter. (:
8/18/2011 c4 2yyAnonymousyy
That was great! Can't wait to read more! I love the way this is going
8/14/2011 c4 18Juular
This is what happens when I'm a dumbass. I didn't add this to my alerts, and I just realized that. My apologies. I know the feeling, too, of not being "excited" over something you've written. Hell, I *hated* Diamonds, and I was so surprised when I got good reviews on it - not only that, but I'm currently on a drive to rewrite a lot of my older shit. It just shows that you want to strive to do better. Being content with yourself leads to complacency, and complacency is artistic self-destruction, so it's always good to avoid.

Okay, onto the meat of the issue. Paine's thoughts can be a little irksome because you don't want to make her feel like a flat character. She's obviously not, none of the characters in X and X-2 were, so you want to avoid that, but without going so far as to make her OOC. Of course, being fanfiction, it also depends on the author's take on what's been going on. It's like play-dough, this. Anyway, it feels like you're handling her well enough, at least. It's not bad, you just want to avoid stereotyping her like some writers do. She's still human, and we're as complex as we are predictable. A nice contradiction that still manages to make perfect sense.

Okay, as for the nitty-gritty (oh, dear Rev, I actually just said that). You handled it well, balancing the mixed emotions with not only Rikku's, but Paine's need for contact, even! That's that human aspect, by the way. You made sure to note that it might not just be lovey-dovey-ness from the get-go, which is good. Little irks me off more than "all intimacy is love", which basically screams "I'm a twit". Not saying that it's not romance, here, but realism should at least shine through a little bit, especially for Paine! And yes, I am glad that you had Paine cut it off, and the reasons why - which I just mentioned. It just makes it feel more real. Throughout all, the emotions conveyed were brilliant, and it really helps the life of the story, so to speak.

Once again, a great post, and I look forward to more in the future.
8/10/2011 c3 Juular
Apparently I'm blind, because I did not notice this.

Well, I must say that this has been an interesting read, thus far. You've stayed very true to the characters, always wonderful to see. Even as you introduce Rikku's changing demeanor it still seems to fit her fine, and you're handling Paine's combination of stoicism and humanity well - yes, that sounds stupid the way I say it, but I'm bloody exhausted.

As for story, so far so good. A very nice start, with the little GippalxRikku tidbit. Now, I like Gippal as a character, but I'm no shipper for that particular pairing. At all. I also really like how you through in the YuRi as a part of the plot, which does make perfect sense, when you think about it. You have also been handling the developing relationship between she and Paine very realistically, given their personalities and such.

A promising story, if I do say so, myself. I look forward to more.
8/8/2011 c3 An angel's littleone
love the fic, not many ppl seem to write ripa nowadays and stick to it, so u r currently my fav person in the world right now lol, hope to get an update soon, keep up the gd work
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