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for What Are You So Scared Of?

6/5/2012 c1 31RUMad
great one shot... shame its only a one shot though :(

I loved how you manipulated parts of the actual show for this and yeah i'd really like to know what Quinn is scared of precisely ;)
3/17/2012 c1 7gayassgrandpa
my only thought is why does quinn get all the shit?

3/17/2012 c1 missrivera13
Hey i love this! Its really good. Im actually the one who wrote i kissed a girl that my friend is typing up for me, and thank you for the review! There will be a new chspter on monday. But this is really awesome!
2/12/2012 c1 malexfaith
I haven't seen the vid, but great writing. Thanks heaps for sharing
7/31/2011 c1 gleekmx1
To many emotions... nice fic!
7/31/2011 c1 2Aaml-sp5
Great fic! But at one point, when Quinn was at Santana's, I got confused. Because when Quinn ran to her car it said that they were in the halls of McKinley High... So I was wondering how they magically happened to go from Quinn's room at the Lopez house to the school hallways.

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