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12/23/2011 c15 3sma erDnIy lnO
happy birthday, i love this chapter lol!
12/23/2011 c15 6HoodiLuv
i have gon missing not again D: oh well
12/23/2011 c15 6saeven
UNICORNS! omg. :3
12/23/2011 c15 i-Spit-on-Fire
Happy Birthday! 3 Cheers for your update of awesomeness! *3 cheers later* Merry Christmas!
12/23/2011 c15 1HanKat
Happy birthday twins! ;D

This is such an amazing plot idea. You must be some sort of genius to think of it all!
12/22/2011 c14 i-Spit-on-Fire
You are an evil genius! I LOVE your updates!
12/21/2011 c14 3sma erDnIy lnO
nice, i didnt think youd actually do this chapter =)
12/21/2011 c14 6saeven
Omg!I LOLed when thy said that at the end...
12/14/2011 c13 3sma erDnIy lnO
*floating* yes im very happy LOVE YA!
12/14/2011 c13 i-Spit-on-Fire
Honestly I think your subconscious is awesome! I want to send you this cookie that I'm starring (is that how you spelling it?) at but I cant cause I dont know how to so how bout a virtual cookie instead? *sending*
11/28/2011 c12 1HanKat
Amazing! hahaha :D
11/27/2011 c12 3sma erDnIy lnO
lol nice shizuki!
11/27/2011 c11 sma erDnIy lnO
lol 'momma dont play that way' lol
11/25/2011 c12 i-Spit-on-Fire
You are evil! I LOVE it! Poor Hosts they didnt get tortured enough, bet they feel lefted out :(
11/25/2011 c12 Death-the-Kitten-Meister
YAY! This is sooooooo cool! And HOOORAY to the 'Campfire Song Song'! Great job at writing (and randomness) and have a (sorry but I'm gonna quote you) 'Rainbow Fabulous' day. :)
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