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for Tamaki Can't Be Moved

8/10/2013 c1 3WinglessQuill
Wowww this story is so emotional. I love it
6/15/2012 c1 3Maru Shinji
Haruhi: Senpai?

Tamaki: Yes?

Haruhi: you sink.

The first thing she saya to him after he's been waiting on the street for 17 days.

I liked the story tho keep writing!
3/6/2012 c1 66DarthMittens
I think it's much better without the lyrics; lyrics just kill a fic for me. Great story, too! Short and sweet!

9/11/2011 c1 10UsagiMoon2627
Cute. I kind of wish my boyfriend would do something like that for me, lol...
8/9/2011 c1 45KageNoNeko
I spotted one spelling error that probably wouldn't have been able to picked up by grammar check. That was cold was supposed to be could, but I think the document editor could have dropped the u for you.

Ah song fics, I believe the correct way to deal with them is that you have to use a song that is out of copyright for you not to have anything bad happen to you. However, I have seen way too many violations of rules around here and never seen any of the fanfics be deleted.
8/1/2011 c1 13Y. Honey
To be honest, the story isn't so bad. I advice you to remove the lyrics as the rules establish they are not allowed.

Story reported, unfortunately.
8/1/2011 c1 9Cha's Aegis
According to the site rules you agree to every time a story is posted, posting copyrighted song lyrics to your story is not allowed.

If it were a song in the public domain, like Amazing Grace, it'd be no problem. You can mention the song title and singer's name as inspiration, but using the lyrics is definitely not allowed. Disclaimers don't exempt a songfic from this rule.

Honestly, you don't need the lyrics. It disrupts the flow of your story. Speaking for myself, I didn't even read them. They do nothing to contribute to your story.

As an alternative, you could post a youtube link in your profile of the songs so your readers can listen to it when it reaches that point in the story. That's perfectly fine according to the site admins.

It's an easy fix that is better than finding your story gone one day. The site admins don't warn you about the violation and don't explain why when they do it.


Critics United
8/1/2011 c1 31PavellumPendulum
WOW, I hardly ever like TamaHAru, but this was just too cute. :D

You made me love TamaHaru a little more. ;)

8/1/2011 c1 MrGoodyTwoShoes
Actions not allowed:

1. Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions.

2. Rewriting names of characters/locations of one story in order to upload to multiple categories.

3. Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

Your story is not allowed under section 3.

Songfics and/or the use of song lyrics are not allowed here because they contain copyrighted lyrics that you do not have the permission to reproduce.

You should try to at least write rework your story so that it references the song instead of posting the lyrics to it. If you don't change then your story could be removed/deleted by the admins here.
8/1/2011 c1 10I promise you that
Totally a thing Tamaki would do! And only Haruhi would actually say "you stink" after seeing the love of her life after so long. The ending totally made me go all aww! Loved it! Very sweet!

- Liz
7/31/2011 c1 17Tbonechick2011
Awww! THIS IS TOO CUTE! :D I loved it very very much, and I looked up the song, only to fall in love even more! Wonderful job! It seems like something that Tamaki would do!



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