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for Stars That Clear Have Been Dead For Years

9/3/2016 c1 Guest
Oooooooohh. Thats... So sad.
2/9/2012 c1 4Emily Mae
I've always really liked the Black family tradition of star names and I agree that Andromeda would have been eager to carry on the tradition while Bellatrix would not have been. I don't really like the idea of Voldemort fathering her child because 1. I don't think he would engage in an act that intimate, even though Bellatrix certainly would have liked him to, and 2. even if he did, in his state I don't think he'd be capable of conceiving a child. Regardless, I was glad that you kept You-Know-Who in character by making him get rid of the baby. This was an interesting piece and I liked the dichotomy between the Black sisters.
8/22/2011 c1 39Gitana del Sol
wow, this was really good! at first, i was a little worried because my experience with reading "Bellatrix is pregnant" fics or references are not good. but this was fantastic! i especially love Andromeda's piece! that one is my favourite, possibley because your interpretation is simimlar to mine

"She does her best...to think of what she's gained, not what she's given up." - perfect! exactly what i think Andromeda has conflict with! all summed up so nicely and powerfulling in a line.

"...she's half-frightened of seeing Bellatrix, or worse, herself, staring back at her..." - ooh yes! i actually never though of this but i think it is so brilliant and absolutely brilliant and depicts Andromeda's guilt perfectly! and of course we all know Dora is her dad's girl, from personality to looks to House :)

"the N a secret tribute to another beautiful outlier." - i never caught this either! while i don' think she did that purposefully, it's an excellent point and idea!

"I am immortal, I need no heir" - dude, this was so perfectly Voldemort, i got chills! **closes eyes and smiles** i love when people get Voldy right. but it always make me jealous because he is so hard for me! gah!

"an absence where something never was" - brilliant line!

"of secret powerful syllables" - very suiting for Bella

"She wishes she could talk to her sister" unfortunately, she will never admit it because she would see that as weakness. but yes, hell yes she does.

amazing! oh and i just realized that it's you :) hello!
8/15/2011 c1 55Xx starlight-moon xX
How many times will I have to type this before it goes through, I wonder . . .

(Sorry. But my internet is on its usual fine form tonight - ie; doing my head in.)

Bright Eyes are a band I've always meant to listen to more of, actually. I've loved the song Lover I Don't Have To Love for years, and I've always heard good things . .. I just haven't gotten around to it. Must look up more!

Anyway, I love this! For some reason I love the image of Andromeda in a Muggle bookshop. I always picture her as being slightly bookish, though I'm not sure why . . . just an oddity on my part, I guess! I also love that you sneaked the name Scorpius in there somewhere. Hehe. ;)

I also loved that you tied this in to your other fics (I'm pretty sure it was Dirge, right?) by having Andromeda name her daughter Nymphadora - "the N a secret tribute to another beautiful outlier". Assuming we're still operating in the same universe, that is? Nymphadora was what Cissy used to call her dolls?

If not, ignore me! xD

And poor Bella. If she weren't so very . . . Bellatrix . . . you'd almost feel sorry for her. (This is another reason I'm inclined to believe that your stories, like mine, take place in the same basic "universe" or timeline, as I know you've alluded to Bella's actions and Rodolphus' involvement before. I'm right, aren't I?)

I especially love the phrase "an absence where something never really was", and the fact that Bella only thinks of star names then. Given that Bellatrix comes to represent a sort of anti-mother figure in the HP books, I think this fits - the idea that the absence of something (motherhood, in this case) comes to define her later on, in the way that the presence of it defines Narcissa. (Her love for Draco, is, in the books, one of the few redeeming qualities we see in her.) It works.

Great work! :)
8/4/2011 c1 whatthepho
Sad. I was beginning to think you had Bella keep the baby, and although sad, I'm glad you stuck to the canon.
8/3/2011 c1 1Miss Epiphany
A very interesting one-shot. Beautiful, and would be heartbreaking too, if one doesn't remember exactly what Bellatrix is. However, it is true that all characters are redeemable - Bellatrix seems human at the end. She is a human, but she isn't human. Andromeda is intersting as well - she doesn't seem distant at all in the books, but she does here. Bellatrix and Andromeda seem almost equivalent - although they are not.

A lovely piece of writing. Thank you.
8/2/2011 c1 35Tempestt Londyn
Beautiful. Heartbreaking. One of the best fics centered around the Blacks I've ever read-one shot or not.
8/2/2011 c1 42TuesdayNovember

Did what I think happened just happen? =O

Did you just imply that Bella had a secret child with Voldemort? And that he asked her to kill it? AND THAT RODOLPHUS HELPED? =O

I am in awe.

This was all very well written, obviously. I liked Andromeda's section, with the list of star names and then the way she doesn't use them, but gives her daughter an equally ostentatious name. And the way she sort of half-references Narcissa is just beautifully sweet and subtle and wonderful.

And then Bella's section just killed me dead.

I loved both of them, Rikki. Brilliant!
8/2/2011 c1 94Thanatos Angelos Girl
I love this Erika! I love the Bella POV and I just liked it period. It was sad but focused on the tradition as well as the characters. Despite whether they actually did name the kids after stars.

8/2/2011 c1 BellaPur
Cathy is too lazy to sign in =P

So, um, wow! I love it! The first was so sweetly heartbreaking. The second sinisterly heartbreaking. So yeah, heartbreaking! Is the N a reference to Narcissa?

The two's approach to star names is undeniably beautiful. I absolutely love it.
8/1/2011 c1 300Inkfire
This was just amazing! So beautiful and meaningful... I especially love how Bellatrix thinks of names, and that sentence: "He doesn't want it – accuses her of trying to, trying to – she doesn't know what, can't think it – I am immortal, I need no heir, I have taken steps – tells her to get rid of it or he will." It was just so breathless and harsh and beautifully done... Love it, adore it! =D
8/1/2011 c1 Il'Diko
It was simply beautifull and hearth wrenching.

Andromedas part was so sad and yet joyfull and simple (in a good way).

Bella's part broke my hearth. She was in love with him... she stayed in love with him even after, yet she wanted more... I totaly can understand that.

A fav. And please write more,more, more about the Black sisters!

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