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8/18/2021 c22 Guest
Interesting story. Seriously dislike the ending though. It feels unfinished and now I’m left upset not knowing what will happen between them.
3/25/2018 c22 Guest
I think you should have Bella suicide expose her secret and real self through a song she sings for Edward, then have a long, emotional chat with all of the cullens about what really happened to Bella swan
3/25/2018 c22 Guest
Please continue the story. Although, I think you should have Bella tell Edward that she is Bella Swan. If not, Carlisle will do it, because his son is is so much pain and he knows her secret. Also, I think you should make the rest of their families shocked. And maybe throw in a visit from a certain werewolf? (Jacob Black)
1/21/2017 c22 4LillyZ
This is definately one of the better stories I've read on this website, and kills me that it remains unconcluded. It would have been a brilliant story had it had an ending. I found this story only now, years after it was written, searched all three authors to finish reading only to find out there is no end. What a huge disappointment. I really wish there had been an end, for this story really is a masterpiece.
4/21/2016 c22 Guest
you and the previous author for this story have
written very compelling emotional psychological tug of war
a lot of angst, a lot of mental instabilities, a lot of "when will he find out?"
"will it have HEA?"

now after following 3 authors, i finally hoped for some answers...
but to no avail...
such an emotionally tiring drama with no answers, no ending...

just feel robbed of devoting my time and psyche for such an ambitious story
which admittedly is written well but without completion...no conclusions
for those of us devoted readers who followed for years from author to author...

not fair to have played us like that
not fair to have played with our emotions
not fair to have played with our psyche
to come to...
to end up with...

hope someone finishes this.
would have been quite a story.
4/24/2015 c1 huehuehue
10/20/2014 c22 jasella dramione
im not sure if ull be updating soon. i looked at the last time u updated and that was months ago. i got hooked on this story and bounced from author to author so i would really appreciate if u continued the story or gave it to another author or something. thankyou. by the way this is an amazing story.
9/1/2014 c22 23Golden Vampire Eyes
I've followed Suicide Girl for several years. Are you still going to continue it or pass it along?
9/1/2014 c22 4AlexandraaCullen
9/1/2014 c20 AlexandraaCullen
4/26/2014 c22 Satanstaco
Where are you? Come back and update. This is by far the best story I have ever read ever
1/1/2014 c1 Nelly
Please update! I absolutely adore this story :)
4/8/2013 c22 MartiniiBabe
Oh, god. This is truly the only fic in this fandom that has deeply reached inside my heart and twisted it to pain. Beautiful, haunting and heartbreaking. A little disappointed if this is the very end of Suicide Girl, but it's a perfect ending to a deeply earth shattering talented story. I'm going to miss this, but with a laugh, I'm glad it's over for this story ignites its own gut wrenching pain in the reader and I need relieve of it. But, really, IF this is very well the end, I am going to miss this story.

Thank you to all the authors that bestowed this beauty over us.
3/10/2013 c22 Guest
3/9/2013 c22 deleted account 12314875320145
...wow. WOW. You are such a good writer, you're different from Queen Cocaine and Lolli, you've added your own special mark on this story.
Um..if you ever decide to pass this story along, can I have a go at writing it?
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