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1/31 c17 lunadream13
good story .
1/24 c17 5Mrs.Potter-Black-Riddle-Malfoy
Hey a neat little add on. I remembered this fiction and came looking for it. Still a great read
1/22 c8 Schnuff
Guess that's it for me.
The plot is interesting; rising an Harry Potter outside the normal way.
But with every chapter it is more and more unbelivable.
1/18 c7 sdardio
Ha! _ I used the word “confiscate” all the time from the time my daughter was 6, and I never held back on big words if they fit better, I just explained them.

I’m a teacher. Lol
1/18 c2 Guest
Excellent so far. Thanks for sharing your talent. I didn't hear anything about begging or a hostage situation. But I'm definitely a late comer to fanfic. The whole story is here!
1/18 c17 Gazuzin
Nice, it made me wonder, what are spells made of, just energy? Maybe a skillet, or a special one made of magically inert materials would work in rebounding spells, or a tennis racket
1/8 c17 Julie Q
This is a fantastic ending to a brilliant tale well-told - thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication in writing and sharing it with us, my dear Vaneria Potter! :) *hugs*
1/8 c14 Julie Q
...yeah, Rowling really didn't think things through very well. She's practically an example of 'How not to do it' where Bad Writing and Planning is concerned. Your points are all excellent and very well-made. :)
1/8 c11 Julie Q
Honestly, I think Jar Jar Binks would be a huge improvement over Lockhart. At least Jar Jar would only get /himself/ hurt through his stupidity, in contrast to Lockhart vanishing the bones in Harry's arm.
1/8 c10 Julie Q
The Harry Potter stories are set during the early to mid-1990s: during that time period in Britain, the various TV shows which had been produced by Gerry Anderson during the 1960s were aired again for the first time in decades - and all of them were huge hits, with vast sales of merchandising to prove it. :) The two best of these shows were 'Thunderbirds' and 'Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons' - both of which were blessed by some truly badass female characters. Thunderbirds possessed Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward - an English aristocrat who was also a secret agent, whose Rolls Royce sported even more cunningly concealed firepower than James Bond's Aston Martin; and considering how many villains Lady Penelope gunned down during the course of the show, she probably had a bigger bodycount than any other character. Captain Scarlet had been produced a year after Thunderbirds, and featured the all-female Angel Squadron, part of the multinational counter-terrorism agency Spectrum [which had been retasked from fighting terrorists to fighting malevolent aliens from Mars, the Mysterons from the show's title] - most episodes consisted of the show's eponymous protagonist, Paul Metcalfe / Captain Scarlet and various colleagues snooping around and identifying the Mysterons' latest plot, then calling in the Angels to bomb the ever-loving s-t out of something to thwart said plot, or shoot down Mysteron-controlled aircraft, or both. The Angels were depicted as highly professional, accomplished, and badass fighter pilots, none of whom sacrificed an ounce of their femininity, and in fact looked like glamorous fashion models. [Indeed, a couple of the Angels even went undercover as models at a fashion house during one episode.] So it's entirely possible that Harry, Hermione, and their peers would be able to draw further inspiration from such fantastic children's television re. female role models in fiction. ;) be honest, I've always felt that the fairy tales which depict a Male Protagonist blundering around without a clue to save the Damsel in Distress were equally unflattering towards both the Male Protagonist and the Damsel in Distress. Under that narrative structure, the Damsel doesn't get to do much, while the Male Protagonist is depicted as an idiot. I'm honestly not sure which character archetype gets insulted worse.
1/8 c7 Julie Q
I know a guy who first read The Lord of the Rings when he was four years old, routinely quoted extracts from various of Winston Churchill's speeches by the time he was six, and was in the habit of reading thriller novels by Frederick Forsyth and Terence Strong in school and writing reviews of them for his English lessons by the time he was seven. Just another example to support your position. ;)
1/6 c16 god eater
and a good cast iron skillet!
1/5 c5 purrfus
I tell myself it’s a strange country and you are just a visitor so don’t judge. Doesn’t work. I’m am so judging them. So much judging.
1/5 c2 purrfus
The cast iron smack down plays nice with stories where Harry is getting whacked. Made me smile.
12/30/2022 c14 Guest
Hey homo stupid are you trying to forze More homo stupidity on everybody who reaf this crap. Sure Hermione was handle un a very stupid way un canon by another gay stupid who think inteligent females look out for loseta, and you pair her with something worst, you pair her with no me of homo friends.
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