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for The Paths Diverge

4/7 c16 Arial Wolf
bloody brilliant thank you for this amazing tale totally fricking awesome tho you rock
3/28 c17 shimmertree
Amazing! So glad I found this fic. Thank you for sharing your talents.
3/13 c17 MuffinRamsey
3/13 c2 MuffinRamsey
I am absolutely LOVING this! Literally has me laughing out loud. The skillet was chefs kiss.
2/6 c10 Vampireking40
It not very clear as to what house Harry was in. There is something about a father being a Slytherin whose father is that Harry or Draco. We all know Harry family was all Gryffindor except for Dora Potter nee Black who was a Slytherin.
2/5 c4 Guest
This is so great
1/10 c10 1DivineBahamutXZ
Huh. I always thought that the real heroes in the original Disney' Sleeping Beauty were the Fayry Godmothers instead of the prince. He certainly looked like a second damsel in distress than the gallant hero to me.
1/6 c15 Marie
Thanks for bringing non-European magic into the mix! It makes sense that different continents would have developed different styles of magic.
And Go, Muggles!
Thank you for a fun story.
1/5 c3 Marie
Thank you. I am enjoying this!
12/30/2023 c17 7littleditto
This is fantastic
12/22/2023 c7 2Akira Alvina
Personally, I corrected my kindergarten teacher when she was teaching us what a pattern was. She was only using pattern as a general term, and I may have pointed out that it was actually symmetrical. I was reading at a college level before I was in double digits. I read the whole Harry Potter series in less than a week, Twilight in less than 3 days. I pity anyone that challenges you on how 'unrealistic' your storytelling is. Just because they haven't seen intelligent children does not mean they cannot exist...
12/22/2023 c7 Emeraldsanddragons
Yup. My first born had a vocabulary of over 200 words and was speaking with sentences at 18 months. Love the story!
12/16/2023 c13 Kikidium
I love that Harry has a proper family
12/16/2023 c4 13Freddie Rindklip
Your description pf Arthur Weasley is hilarious.
12/16/2023 c1 Freddie Rindklip
I found this fic on another authors favorites. Looking forward to where you take it.
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