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for Night's Shadow

10/4/2011 c11 2goombablood
Ouch, sorry to hear that

Good luck on getting your book published
9/11/2011 c10 Miharu Tsubasa
YAY YAY YAY I always liked fighting scenes they re cool... oh wait this storys genre is horror rite...? Is it going to be scary?

anyways thx for de update! update soon! *silently crosses fingers and chant: 'double update double update* =D
9/8/2011 c9 8Silentlane491
So... Shinichi is safe, Ran knows the truth and has accepted him and now Rum is going to active a werewolf army and vermouth is going to change Ran, Shiho, Kir, Jodie, Kaito, and Aoko into werewolves. Things are going to get freaking epic, Can't wait!
9/7/2011 c8 Miharu Tsubasa
*Sets an alarm clock to 8PM*

Im waiting ;)
9/1/2011 c7 Silentlane491
Cool, this is getting good. Ran got the rescue team together and Shinichi escaped for now. I wonder how the FBI will react to the secret of werewolves. I hope you update soon.
8/21/2011 c6 17AppleCider1412
i like it
8/18/2011 c5 8Silentlane491
Well another one bites the dust, it is a shame about Camel but at least he didn't blame Conan I think. Looks like Ran is getting some help to save Conan, I hope his family stays safe from the organization. This story is getting good update soon.
8/14/2011 c4 Silentlane491
This is good, I really hope Shinichi gets out of their and away from that monster Rum, yikes you weren't kidding about the implied rape poor Shinichi. It would be cool if Ran saves him and I'm glad that she accepted him. So you killed off Kogoro Well he will be missed... not really, I don't like him ether. I hope you continue.
8/12/2011 c3 gundamzbd36
what will happen to Conan?
8/10/2011 c3 Silentlane491
Talk about a crappy reward, for saving someone Conan gets threaten to be contained. Then he escapes only to be kidnapped by Vermouth, I hope Conan can get away and go back home. This is really getting good, I hope you Continue.
8/7/2011 c2 Silentlane491
Epic werewolf fight! I like the end, I hope they accept Conan as a werewolf. If you want to change the rating to M you can if you want so you can play it safe, it's really all about how much blood and gore there will be. Continue updating please.
8/6/2011 c2 Miharu Tsubasa
Nice story :) i wonder what ran will think if she finds out that he is shinichi and he is a WEREWOLF...
8/3/2011 c1 Silentlane491
I would like to see more of this story, there are not enough werewolf stories out there, werewolves are cool. I hope you update soon.
8/3/2011 c1 17AppleCider1412
lol yeah i know. i watched the first episode with kid. she was there.

it's good but too short and lacks aLOT of details. i like the story except for the part of the names of the hunters. they wouldn't have been old enough to hunt back then. maybe their early 20s
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