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for In the burning heart

11/7/2011 c1 Jonny
Reaid help me here.

Simbas hommy must be lame and I need. help.

I am experiancing a domano effect. fisrt Jenna. now nichol

her parents have blcoked me I sure of it. nicol wouldent do this. I loosing freiands left and right. help me hear man
8/3/2011 c1 11Jonny2b
Nice the song matched perfectly. I don't know if you were aware but I used Eye of the tiger in my chapter two.

By the way one thing that I noteced you had Simbas pride out numberd. I recatly saw the orgianl battle on You Tube. and I counted and even 10 for both sides making them equal in number. but thats just my pickyness.

Anyway great job.

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