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5/30/2022 c75 Scrambo1591
Okay, I definitely liked this story a lot! The only things I wasn’t crazy about was the over use of the telegram “dark wizard” and “old man” but other than that! 10/10!
5/29/2022 c48 Scrambo1591
I feel silly commenting so long after you’ve finished the story…

But dang you breaking my heart here.
5/27/2022 c23 Scrambo1591
I think I’m really hating this Hermione. No hate on the author, you’ve done a great job. But DAMN. She is so manipulative. Poor Snape. Poor Ron,
4/16/2022 c48 CatCrzy
My heart.
4/15/2022 c45 CatCrzy
Yay, she knows the truth. Surely there must be a counter to the Veritaserum, though if there is I’m sure Snape would have thought of it before hand. Of course there is always a way to tell just enough of a truth to make it true but not divulge all information…though that all depends on the questions that will be asked during Hermione’s interrogation and if a half truth would work. Very curious to see how this plays out;)
4/15/2022 c44 CatCrzy
Ok, the last paragraph officially killed me.
4/13/2022 c43 CatCrzy
I greatly enjoy you making Harry the voice of reason. I can totally see it in him. He’s been a bit thick at time sure, but he has an intelligence that come out when he puts his mind to it. I’ve always liked the Harry/Hermione duo more than the trio with Ron. I found myself a little sad that Hermione got together with Ron instead of Harry in the books/films. The role reversal here of the two makes perfect sense to me;)
2/3/2022 c20 sevsddds
chpter 2021 are my favourites
6/10/2021 c44 10tpaturi
I don't understand why they need Hermione to be Potions Master. Snape's so much better at it than she is. She just doesn't have the intuition nor the creativity needed
6/10/2021 c37 tpaturi
She is so manipulative, god. She really just can't make up her mind, can she? Now she's broken Ron's heart, and she's messing with Severus's. Loving someone means accepting them for who they are at the moment. If Severus's love isn't enough for her at the present, then she shouldn't be with him. Please, for all that's pure and good, let her leave the man alone- he doesn't deserve this. I hope Ron finds some nice girl, and same with Severus, and I really do hope that Hermione loses both of them and sees what a manipulative bitch she is. I'm really confused. Does she love Ron or not? Because she's saying she does one second and she's saying she doesn't the next. And, every time Severus messes up, will she threaten him like that? Holding the fact that she could have chosen Ron?
6/9/2021 c23 tpaturi
I don't like Ron, but he doesn't deserve this. She's screwing over Ron, she's screwing over Snape. Both of them deserve better.
6/9/2021 c12 tpaturi
I really don't like how in puppy love she is. That isn't compliant with movie nor book Hermione. In both, she'd always put her studies in front of any potential suitor. And, she's such a pushover. Ron barely even apologizes and she accepts it?
6/9/2021 c9 tpaturi
What friendship? They aren't really even friends- friendship isn't forcing your presence upon someone, it's wanting to be in someone's company. And, is she stupid? How can she fancy herself in love with Ron when she doesn't even feel comfortable kissing him? I think she's in love with the idea of being in love with him and it's not fair to her or Ron to keep in that relationship. I sense it ending very soon.
6/9/2021 c7 tpaturi
She's really OOC. She would never grill her BOSS like this. Especially not her ex-professor.
6/1/2021 c27 XxamethystxXx
I so emotional that I am crying omg ! why do I do this to myself !:(
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