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1/2/2012 c5 M.V. Rose
this fic is so cool. I looove it ... please continue and update :3
8/5/2011 c5 uchihasayuri1
Waaaaah, noooo Sas'ke! :$ Touching! I liked especially Itachi. He is disposed to be hated for the good of his beloved Otouto^^ He's my favourite character *_*
8/5/2011 c4 uchihasayuri1
Very good lemon! So hot :Q_
8/5/2011 c3 uchihasayuri1
You have already updated! I love you hehe xDD This chap was so sweet and harrowing. I really hope that Sas'ke manages to come off drugs but it's not going to be easy... Thanks for your hard work : 3
8/4/2011 c5 Miriam
8/4/2011 c3 Miriam
Love this fic... its really great, it has a nice plot... wonder what will happen next... please continue and update this
8/4/2011 c2 Itachan3
I looooove this fic 3 This is a well written story! I really liked it. I'm sosososo eager to see the next chapter ^-*
8/4/2011 c1 Itachan3
O.O Ohoho interesting! I hope to read more soon!
8/4/2011 c2 hinatuccia
Awesome! Can't WAIT for more! Angst hurt so good. One of the best fics I ever read in a long time;)
8/3/2011 c2 uchihasayuri1
i absolutely love this chapter, it was wonderfully angsty hehe. Naruto is such a bastard! I feel like hitting somebody -_-" Please update soon! :3
8/3/2011 c1 uchihasayuri1
Amazing! I can't think of a better word :P I wanted to cry for poor Sasuke... At least Itachi's there for him! Good job^^

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