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2/8/2019 c5 8multyfangirl21
So Will just randomly shows up?
2/2/2013 c8 Guest
nawwwwww sweet
9/1/2012 c4 5Musical cake
This is magnificent. I'm not a big fan of Sparralica so coming from me it means a lot.
8/29/2012 c7 4Renaissancebooklover108
OH daddy jack who would've guessed? LOL
4/17/2012 c4 3CrazyFinnishApple
Nice story and storyline! I'm waiting for your update. Update soon! :D
4/15/2012 c3 7healed
Great job, especially since this is your first fanfiction. Well done! *applauds* :)
3/9/2012 c3 2VampirateCarrie

I like Jack's softer side
10/24/2011 c1 cali
8/30/2011 c1 CaribbeanPirate8pr
Good story! I hope you update soon :)
8/27/2011 c1 Sparrangelica64
Great job for your first fanfic! (; Lovely and sweet! I wonder what Angelica has on the docks? Also what did she mean by "Who happens to be back on the mainland, reunited with her loving "Daughter." hmmm...? anyways amazing story and I hope you have a great week. (;



P.s Please update more! :)
8/6/2011 c1 3DemiLFlowe
I like it! Looking forward to the next!

But if I may add, not many people know this so I am not holding it against you. Angelica's real last name is Malon she got it from her mother :)
8/4/2011 c1 OnyxSails
interesting... I'd like to see how it plays out...
8/4/2011 c1 Tushktanchik
I am surprised but I like it!

I think yours Jack and Angelica more in characters then any others.

So, keep writting!

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