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6/29 c1 Msdib
Nice story!
1/20/2017 c5 Elise Deschat
End? No Steve apology? Seems incomplete considering the guilt Steve was carrying around...that Steve would think that Danny would play hooky was the only OOC part of this entertaining narrative
3/26/2015 c5 6jada951
2/20/2015 c5 Guest
2/20/2015 c5 Long Live BRUCAS
Danny is a really good guy. And looks like he has lots of friends all around now. Love the comment "drive by care package".
8/13/2014 c5 CalliopeBotilda395
I love this storie, actually all of you Danny whump I love. You hurt himso beautifully. You are one of my favorite h5-0 writers quiet possibly my favorite. Keep writing can't wait to see the other ways you can hurt him beautifully!
7/2/2014 c5 thewarpedmind1
Great story! Love the plot and Danny whump :)
10/23/2013 c5 Sara Koen NC
This is the 8th time I'm reading your story I love it. It is do well written, Thank you please write some more.
8/10/2013 c5 john'sgirlfriend2date
I want to come and eat at your house. You write the best meals! and stories! Yay! Mahalo!
12/16/2012 c5 tctrouble7
i love this story but it feels unfinished. I would love to see a follow up. Mama 2. The arrest and may a new report out about what the reporter did and his arrest. Public's reaction to what the reporter did to a hero haloe cop. Follow-up with the Governer making a news announcement about the raid and Danny's beating and arrest of the suspects and the behavior of the reporter and his camera person. See more Mama, Grace and the Big Guy coming by to help take Danny as he heals from the beating. Downtime for the 5-0 leading to all around team bonding and healing. Danny having nightmares and maybe the other members have nightmares about the beating. Just seems unfinished. I know real life gets in the way with the Holidays but i hope for the future maybe we see a new one. tks tctrouble7
5/14/2012 c5 Lidil
Chin will always have Danny's back.
10/24/2011 c5 2SaKuRa-MIna
Poor Danny. He never gets a break. You really like to torture him don't you. Another fabulous story. Gotta love Mama, and I seriously hope the reporters get their butts kicked. Keep up the great work and good luck.
9/6/2011 c5 lilz54
My favorite line? "Was that a drive by care package?" LOL! Loved it!

Darn those reporters. Hope they get to at least spend a few hours in jail.

Can't wait for more!
8/31/2011 c5 3crokettsgirl
I am glad that they arrested those reporters. Oh and Mama was just so cute and funny how she took care of Danny and the rest of them. loved this. sue
8/30/2011 c5 69Ginger S
Hope they throw the book at those reporters! Glad Danno has Mama to bring him pie. :)
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