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12/10/2020 c6 Anasamantha09
Lovely! Thank you!
10/12/2020 c6 M
I love that u made Darcy’s parents’ marriage an unhappy one. I never read a story in which that was the case. Also- great story all around. I laughed at Colonel Fitzwilliam having a rough time of it too! Good job! :)
9/7/2020 c6 badass-saasha
Poor Richard tho Catching the object of his interest with another man, not once but twice. How the Bennet sisters torment him, albeit unintentionally.
8/16/2020 c6 izapesquira
Essa história ficou ótima!
10/6/2019 c1 gabyhyatt
Great fic
8/19/2019 c6 MAC Nicholls
Good story!
7/5/2019 c6 Edward'sDJ
Lovely, thank you
7/5/2019 c5 Edward'sDJ
Nice to see Mr Bennet as an observant clever man
7/5/2019 c4 Edward'sDJ
Poor neglected Dick
7/5/2019 c3 Edward'sDJ
Getting to know one another is good
7/5/2019 c2 Edward'sDJ
Excellent progress
7/5/2019 c1 Edward'sDJ
I hope Darcy quickly tells Lizzy the truth about Wickham, to ease her objections
3/31/2019 c1 WhalenPark
Nice. It made me smile.
2/25/2019 c6 Levenez
What a fun, somewhat naughty but entertaining read!
Thank you.
And agree, Richard is the unluckiest of guys!
10/6/2018 c6 Guest
unlucky Richard !
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