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4/10 c8 AutumnusPrime
Every chapter was great in my eyes. I even ended up doing the dialogue in their voices and accents as I read along. For some reason I couldn't help myself. :)

But the 8th chapter...did something happen? Was it a violent attack? Rape? Betrayal of some sort? I can guess everyone believes Heavy somehow attacked Medic and that IS surprising. Poor Med.
Really hope things go well for the both of them though and hope they can be friends again.
2/5/2018 c8 37OpenUpPandora'sBoxOnlyIfYouDar
. . . I suspect either the enemy teams Heavy or a Spoi. Either way. . . Daaammnnnnn, poor Medic. . . This ain’t good at all :,(
7/15/2015 c8 16TiGGs96
I like it. I really, really like it.

I like seeing (random) concepts being played out in my head, especially those that I've not heard of yet. Like the chapter talking about after the war.
(The Justice chapter was written very well. right before they forced the Medic through the door, I had to put my tab down because I was getting so emotional.)

A possible idea: Go on about his strange bond with his doves, or having to explain about Spy's head in his closet. (Can be more humor-based or end up more emotional, its up to you...If your still interested in this or not...)
6/10/2015 c8 12Jay Rowan
Huh, well this was interesting. I haven't seen a story about Medic like this before. I like it. Thank you for the time you've given us by writing these awesome little one shots. They stay true to character.
6/10/2015 c7 Jay Rowan
Aw this is so sad but it seems a lot like something that would actually happen to our dear Medic after the war. It makes me feel like he needs a hug. You even thought of how living in America would affect Medic's accent. Yeah, after years of living here you're surrounded by American accents and it sticks with ya. Help you trick others into thinking you're American :3c
6/10/2015 c5 Jay Rowan
Aw this was cute, friendships galore. I personally think that they should be the best of buds, what with both of them being practical men of different kinds. Medic fixes the body and Engie fixes problems with machines.
6/10/2015 c4 Jay Rowan
Omg this story reminds me of a fan comic about TF2 and it was BLU Spy acting as a RED Scout and crying in RED Engie's shoulders and getting comforted by Engineer when RED Medic comes over and asks what's wrong and then says that medicine will cure his problem. The enemy Spy is poked with a syringe and his cover is blown when he loses his disguise. The most hilarious part is Medic's and Engie's faces of realization that they've been had... and then at the end Spy is being comforted by Pyro and says "I felt loved" ;-;
7/29/2014 c6 Silencio
Hey !

Maybe I'm a bit late for reviewing that fic that have been posted in 2011, but I must. That's not something I could avoid like that.
I fell in the TF2 fandom only this year. I'm, like, really really late, I know, but I found out that the community is full of great ideas and creativity.

Okay, so I begun to read, and I thought that was a good little fanfiction, with no big deal behind, and I spent a good time.
Then came chapter seven.
The feeling of emptiness, the idea of Medic searching for something to... Simply feel good again, and then finding Heavy, but having nothing to share and just go and wander till the end... That was like, really unexpected. And really sharp. And really well done.
It justified every chapter that occured before, and then pushed it to something really... Yeah, tragic.
It worked on me because I can really relate right now, so I was really taken by surprise on this one...
That chapter bursted into me, but yeah. Well done. You can really be proud of yourself.

The first time I came to read, I never noticed the next chapter, maybe because I was really tired, or maybe because you uploaded it ? I doubt it, so I just must be blind or really oblivious.
So this is my second time here, and I read the chapter eight.
Ok, let's say I thought one second you really had something against me to make me explode like that two times one after the other.
Because, yeah, that's a subject I can relate too. I wasn't so convinced at the end, but the beginning just made my stomach flip. I'm being honest ; my teeth slammed for twenty minutes after I finished to read.
It's funny because that's something I'm working on, on the same character, on a fic of my own. So it nourished it, even if everything is very different, I guess.
It's weird because my body doesn't quite agree with my mind, but you did some hell of a job here.
6/20/2014 c8 Fjfjdjdkdkdfjfjd
Why did the last two chapters have to be so depressing?;_; I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS! D',:
3/17/2014 c4 3Spere
Agh this chapter is amazing, I giggled a bit too much at it!
3/14/2013 c8 Colonel Guano
I not sure if it would ruin the artistic take on the story if you continued the final chapter or not but of you ever did I would read it.
11/27/2012 c7 StarFire101
My heart is breaking, it is all so bittersweet and the poor doctor has been left with no one. Excellently done!
11/27/2012 c5 StarFire101
The way these two navigate each other is just the damned sweetest thing! Kudos, loce all your chapters so far!
10/9/2012 c3 Wollhandkrabbe
Re: Chapter 3:
"Sniper didn't want to pressure him on what he was about to say, because frankly he had a checkup coming along soon, and if he did anything now to anger the German, something unfortunate might happen to his body. He'd heard stories."

Brilliant. Very econominal, yet it gets the ominous meaning across. :-)

Btw, I found a typo in the first paragraph:
"He deprived a great sense of pleasure..." should read "He derived..."
10/9/2012 c2 Wollhandkrabbe
A tiny nitpick regarding the title of Chapter 2: The correct term for fear of doctors is "iatrophobia", not "latrophobia".
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