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4/22/2014 c24 Alsia
umm eargon is too weak
4/22/2014 c9 Alsia
So do I. Eragon needs to be stronger tho; the elves need to respect and even fear him.
4/29/2012 c23 CaptainBeer
Ugh why you no finish!
4/26/2012 c5 carl
4/26/2012 c2 carl
don't quit just because inheritence came out
11/22/2011 c24 4Aveire

I have not met another writer as good as you - I love the description, the thoughts, the anxiety, what nots. I feel that CP should have really put in more of Eragon's feelings in the end of Inheritance. Or you know, get Eragon captured and tortured by Galbatorix.

Meh. None of that happend =_=

But anyways, this is AMAZING. You need to write more. Soon.

Can't wait for the next update :D
11/12/2011 c1 4Miss Calculation
I like how you're portraying Eragon so far. In canon he's a little... I can't think of anything nice to say.
11/6/2011 c24 8Restrained.Freedom
Yeah... where'd you find these things... I wanna see... XD
11/6/2011 c24 ThirteenOranges
Can you point me to this blog you looked on? I'd like to check it out for myself! :)
10/28/2011 c23 Restrained.Freedom
Are you planning to introduce another conversation between the elder riders? That would make forgetting CP's version a bit easier... Either way, I am sure I can accommodate you...

Yikes! Eragon killed Roran ?...!...?

You made a mistake there Galby... I think you just pushed Eragon over the edge with that one... Here comes Death himself incarnate...

*closes eyes and shudders*

Much easier to read and still with the occasional poetic flair that marks your work. I really enjoyed this chapter.
10/27/2011 c22 Restrained.Freedom
Well EB, I entirely understand the time it takes to balance life and fiction... {you have commented yourself on the long delays on my story} XD ... so I know you know I understand.

Please don't worry, and in truth I really applaud your thoughts regarding your story's direction: emotionally morally, and poetically. But I also want you to think long and hard about what your creativity wanted to share. Your story was NOT a child's story, and I dare say this version will likely never be one. And you are not the first to dream up a more adult adaptation of this, or any other younger series. So, I don't think that you should feel compelled to change your story out of some sense of guilt over tainting CP's world... If the story you desire to share has changed, then change it. If not, you should share what is in your heart to share.

I would love to read a story written by you in the traditional version, with the characters as per CP's original vision. But what I would most prefer is for you to write the story that wants to sing from your fingertips... with the occasional prose and all.

Follow your Heart!
10/17/2011 c21 1AussieSurfer
Okay, so, um wow !

I dong know how i can even compare to this ! stunning i should say, your writing levels are amazing, plus i like aryas aloofness ;p

Anyways, keep it up, i like it.
10/14/2011 c21 Du Vrangr ebrithil
Very discriptive ,much love
10/14/2011 c21 8Restrained.Freedom
You know... I LOVE that you leaved some of the characters thoughts as cryptic and open to interpretation...

You know... I HATE that you leaved some of the characters thoughts as cryptic and open to interpretation...

As much as I enjoy the reading of it, I grind my teeth in frustration at not knowing exactly who it was that awaited him at the keep... who it was that he found 'no easy challenge'...

Perhaps I am a wee bit dense... but me thinks that you are a bit of a tease like that.

Still... Great Job!
10/13/2011 c21 1Deci The 7ThSin
I absolutely love your story and I can only thank you for reviewing my own, though short i feel it is accomplished already. Your story has now inspired my to climb to new heights in my reading and writing skills as i do not wish to be left behind in the dull and monotonous world that is stereotypical Inheritance cycle. You are a very good writer and I look forward to reading more chapters of this story.


Deci The 7thSIn
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