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10/12/2014 c35 EmiTakesYourSoul666
Hello :)
I have noticed that there are not many reviews, or favs... or follows for that matter. But I REALLY wanted to let you know how AWESOME your story is! I mean, it's perfect... a slow burn, drama, suspense and actually one of the best fanfictions of Eames and Arthur I have read so far ;)
And Tak? I was weary of her at first, because she's an OC and all and you're right, at first I disliked her :D But I warmed up to her in later chapters and she made the situations fun in a way... and even though you have not updated for 2 years, I guess due to the lack of response.. I dare hope you read my review and maybe think... hey, I did write that awesome story some time ago and I might make a small fangirl of Arthur/Eames and now your story happy ! :)
Anyway, I'm going to fave and follow your great story now and hope for the best...
Best Regards,

P.S. I'm sorry for any mistakes, English is actually my second language -.-
8/30/2012 c35 who.says.we.cant.win
So far I adore this story...I hope that Eames and Arthur will finally stop dancing around each other, but that would bring an end to the fun. I love the crossovers, I havent found many RED fics of any kind so far. I look forward to seeing what other "connections" you give Artie and Eames, and I cant wait!
8/30/2012 c33 who.says.we.cant.win
Inception, Losers, and RED...with victoria as Eames' mother...shoulda seen that one coming..
8/30/2012 c25 who.says.we.cant.win
hehe...Inception and The Losers...never thought of that one before.
7/31/2012 c35 The Maddie Hatter
Why does this fic only have 9 reviews? That's criminal. Because you've obviously put a lot of work into it, and I definitely think it's paid off. I just read straight through all 35 chapters, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I mean, the plot is good, the writing's good, the characters are written well, and the grammar is good. Admittedly, I was slightly confused during the crossover sections, but that didn't stop me. Also, earlier in the book when Tak was deducing secrets about everyone, I would've enjoyed a little more explanation as to how she found these things. Like the way Sherlock Holmes always explains his deductions to Watson, if you know what I mean. It would just make her character more believable. I still like her, though.
Also: your Eames/Arthur is adorable. Which is the biggest reason on why I'm upset that this fic hasn't updated since May. I love it so much, I really do! Because it's just so good, and I would really love it to continue. Please?

-The Maddie Hatter
6/9/2012 c19 whydontyouletmedelete
Oh god. How do I start? Downloaded the fic on my app and started reading it today. And, obviously, couldn't stop.

This fanfiction is amazing. It's one of those works you refuse to call "fics" because they're far more than that. I accepted all the facts of this as not only headcanons but really canon, known facts about the characters. I love when a fanwork does that, establishing something own so you know more about the characters by that than after the movie (in this case). I'm also RELIEVED about Tak. I understand your fear of her being hated, because often OCs are just plot devices or shallow and useless. But you write her very real, original and special. She delivers a new kind of edge and viewpoint for the story! Did you know how relieved I was when my app showed the number of the chapters?

Concerning this: I'm amazed at how you deal with the central pairing of Arthur/Eames. GAH. Normally I get tired of such dancing around each other kind of stuff. But this time, I'm perfectly satisfied even if they are only subtly displayed. Really very few fanfiction writers master this that well: they either rush things, write stereotypically and shallow, or drag the reader through unnecessary problems and superficial "plot twists". But you are everything that is desired in a fanfic and also in general writer. JUST. WOW. It's a joy reading, so I thought I'd give a little back by writing a proper review. :) Thank you for this story world, character portrayal and plot development. This fic is one in a million, as they say.
5/1/2012 c19 14Kiraling
Bwahahahaha, that was BRILLIANT! :D Totally lovin' Arthur's mom :P
5/1/2012 c16 Kiraling
Oooh, a beautiful little scene between Art and Eames... I like it :) I'm so glad Arthur apologised!
5/1/2012 c13 Kiraling
D'aaaw, so sweet and romantic! :*
5/1/2012 c12 Kiraling
Ha, I'm liking Tak more and more :D Her observations about Arthur and Eames are awesome - tell us much more about their relationship and feelings than their interactions! Great fic so far :3
5/1/2012 c10 Kiraling
Poor Eames... Arthur really is a bit clueless, isn't he? Well, I still adore him :) Off to the next chapter!
9/1/2011 c33 11cheshirecat101
This is amazing and fantastic and makes me want to give you a hug! All of the characters are very well written and you nailed Arthur and Eames' relationship. And I didn't like Tak at first, but now I really do. Gah, I want to read more!
8/28/2011 c33 105whimsycality
Well this is crazy fun and fascinating so far, I love your Arthur and Eames and the random crossovers with various things I love (and please, please tell me that Victoria is the Victoria from RED so I can die from happiness at the sheer epicness of her being Eames' mom) and I can't wait for more. :D
8/13/2011 c32 15Writer-4ever-and-always
I looove this!

I hope you keep writing more!


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