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10/14/2018 c9 Guest
After all this years, it's still one of my favourite fics.
10/4/2015 c9 volando voy
stumbled across the link to this in a random rec list today and was like "hmm it's been a while why not" and now i am uPSET and feeling EMOTIONS and your work is still such a pleasure to read. good job, kid. :D
4/12/2013 c9 5electrictwizist
This is definitely a favorite of mine. I always thought that Sam had the chance to be a character that was just a nice guy without being sucked into some of the "humor" stereotypes that in the end all the characters are swept away by. I just really like his emotional honesty, and pairing him up with Quinn after how shut off she comes off as most of the time was SUCH a good opportunity wasted. So thank you so much for this, this is definitely my headcanon for what happened those weeks we never saw.
12/14/2012 c9 6youngbloodbuzz
wdsnflkjdasvbsgughh this is so much better after reading for the second time

"You see me" wow i'm dead they're just so perfect i have no words

But really, my favourite thing ever still remains Quinn's breakdown at the junkyard for some reason (it's also even better because Lima actually has a junkyard), but i can just picture it in my head, and I feel stupidly cathartic for her.

I also love how you somehow had Quinn open to Rachel about Beth before Sam, yet still manages to maintain that familiar weirdly obsessive relationship with her.

OH and Quinn's tentative friendship with Kurt and Blaine was so great, you'd figure the writers would've catch on with how fun that could have been, but now they've almost lost their chance (if they don't entirely fuck up ep 12).

Also ughhhhh Quinn with Stacy and Stevie killed me in a good way and bad way, because that panic attack in the bathroom, and the braiding, and just...guhahsdhgs Quinn kids really gets to me.
12/13/2012 c3 youngbloodbuzz
Ok i was going to read the entire thing and then review, but this...oh my fucking god how could i forget about this:

"Here's a fun fact: when she was younger, she masturbated, like, constantly."

I laughed so hard my sides hurt
12/8/2012 c9 5riverkirby
Loved this story sooooooo much that I didn't go to bed at all lol
11/21/2012 c9 3Dogluvertoo
I have come back to this story so many times...I think I've read it three or four times now. Each time I come back I discover something new that I didn't see before. My favorite part about it was your characterization of Quinn-she's hard to categorize, mostly because she's so different during different parts of the series. Your interpretation has always stood out to me, mostly because it manages to pull together all the different sides of her together in a believable way. I love the friendship you show between these two, and although I don't ship them romantically any more, I really wish the show had done a friendship like this. Anyway, thank you so much for your stories, especially this one. I really hope you continue writing.
7/26/2012 c9 5feintidea
You've ruined Quinn for me. As in I don't know if I can read her without thinking of this. Don't even attempt to apologize because I am not sorry in the least haha. I wish I could say I'm going to go and re-read it now, but I seriously cannot cry anymore (and now I just sound pathetic, but the way you write and the way you made it feel..). So, I guess I'll finish by in-adequately saying thank you and wondering when exactly fan fiction became so beautifull, perfectly painful :)
7/26/2012 c5 feintidea
Okay so I had to stop here just to let you know I am actually crying. I don't even ship Quinn/Sam or Quinn/Finn but gosh. I can't even think about what to say except I want you to just write pages and pages on Quinn Fabray because I know I'm just going to be reading this over an over (she is actually my favorite fictional character ever and I can't explain how much I would watch a Quinn Fabray show but this is, right now, the next best thing). I was doing fine, through Beth's birthday and the scene with Rachel and Finn looking away but then it got the the landfill, and all those memories, the sentences playing in her head, I lost it. I want to reccomend this to anyone and everyone because even though I've read so many Quinn-centric pieces, you still manage to make it new. Absolutely amazing job and now I'm left wondering what exactly I'm going to write when I finish reading
7/14/2012 c9 178ficdirectory
Awww! I love that it ended with Quinn watching Avatar and quoting it back to Sam - it's like she's finally taking a few more steps into his world! This was a beautiful story! I'm so glad it was pointed out to me! Thanks for writing it!
7/14/2012 c8 ficdirectory
Oh I love that Quinn made plans for Sam's birthday and that Kurt and Blaine took care of Stevie and Stacey. I think my favorite part was Blaine wanting to play Sam's guitar but being too chicken to ask, and then, him congratulating Sam on coming of age in the wizarding world. So fantastic!
7/14/2012 c7 ficdirectory
Okay. Just so you know. This?

-(That night, he has a nightmare about Quinn erupting in black feathers, eyes glowing red as she shouts "I am the Prom Queen!" and oh, that's what Brittany meant.-

made me laugh out loud. Not just when I read it, but countless other (inappropriate!) times throughout the chapter! Seriously. SO FUNNY! Thank you for that, and for another beautiful chapter.
7/14/2012 c6 ficdirectory
Loving this story as much as ever. From the way you incorporate small bits of Quinn's background - the hair-braiding to feel in control - to the characterization of Blaine that seems so spot on. Love his PATIENCE text.
7/14/2012 c5 ficdirectory

-We don't have to keep the air in- is so incredible! I love that Quinn was able to feel close to God in junkyard therapy. And that their excuse to Mercedes didn't end up being so much of an excuse at all...

Beautiful chapter.
7/14/2012 c4 ficdirectory
I love the complicated dynamics between Quinn and Rachel - I've explored them myself and they are fascinating! I loved the bit of insight on Quinn wanting to name Beth April. The little details make just elevate the plot from the show so much! I love the copious background you give to Quinn and Rachel before their onscreen talk/songwriting session gone bad. So grand. I can't wait for part 2 of the Fabreakdown!
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